Amazon announces a new Kindle e-Reader: Kindle Oasis

Amazon Kindle OasisAmazon announced this week a new e-reader Kindle called Kindle Oasis. With a redesign of the previous Kindle e-readers, Kindle Oasis aims is to be more like a book than previous eReaders. eReader devices haven’t had the impact of other digital devices in other areas. Physical copies of books still exist and are easier to use and read. True, you can’t carry your entire book collection in your bag, but you can’t use an eBook like a textbook or travel guide is used.

A Premium Body and Screen

To make Amazon’s Kindle Oasis more like a book experience, Amazon has included a leather cover. The leather cover is a challenge to Moleskin’s eReader. This makes it feel more like a good quality book rather than having a plastic feel. According to Amazon, the Kindle Oasis is the lightest and thinnest Kindle yet. The weight is 4.6 ounces and it is 3.4mm thick.

The screen is an e-ink display, 6-inches and has 300 ppi. This is the same as the Kindle Voyage but with 60 percent more LEDs. The ability to adjust brightness on the Oasis is a nice addition. The display is Paperwhite. This is a new technology that improves screen quality for reading a text.

The screen is surrounded by a polymer frame that is light with the strength of the metal. There is a built-in accelerometer that can tell what hand you’re using. This changes the button placing to give you a personalised experienced.

Long Battery Life on the Kindle Oasis

Battery life has been improved. There is a dual battery system used by the Kindle Oasis. One battery is inside the Kindle, another in the leather cover. A customizable battery that optimizes power is in the leather cover. It is claimed that the Kindle Oasis offers months of battery power for users. There is a rumour that the Kindle Oasis has 20 months’ standby time, but this was disputed by Amazon. The actual battery time hasn’t been mentioned by Amazon.

The hibernation mode on the this device kicks in after 1 hour of inactivity. The hardware and software have been designed to use minimum power. Given that an eReader isn’t a tablet and doesn’t have extra apps or functions, this should keep power there to be used later.

Amazon’s Kindle Oasis wants to be a premium device. The idea is to give an experience that is like buying a leather bound edition over the paperback copy. The cost of the Kindle Oasis is a premium price: $289.99.

Source: Amazon

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