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NextBit Robin Smartphone will feature 100 GB cloud storage

NextBit Robin SmartphoneAn interesting idea for a smartphone is on Kickstarter, the Robin by NextBit. The Robin is an Android-based smartphone that, instead of having the best camera or best display, claims to have the best ability to connect to a cloud intelligently. Smartphones are something used daily and gather a lot of information in their storage. No doubt you’ve been using your smartphone for a while and notice that the storage is filled despite you not saving much to it. It’s easy to run out of room in your smartphone’s internal storage. The Robin aims to fix that problem for users.

Robin as said above works using the Android OS. It isn’t like other Android OS devices, though. The Robin isn’t an Apple iPhone killer or a Samsung Galaxy killer. It’s a killer idea put into a mobile device. The cloud backup works in a simple way. After setting up your Robin, the device automatically backs up to the cloud when connecting to Wi-Fi and power. Robin reads what information, such as photos and music, you haven’t been using a while and transfers the information to the cloud.

This idea helpful and great as the cloud is a technology pushed on to users, but it’s never really been user-friendly. Apple’s iCloud, previous to the iOS 9 update never had its own dedicated app and even on Apple devices its cloud was frustrating to use. Android doesn’t have a native cloud client for the storage and sharing of files, so users end up downloading a range of apps and cloud services. Robin’s use of the cloud and its functionality is something that could help users and improve the use of their smartphone. Getting rid of photos and files not used in a while to the cloud will save time going through files only when you realise how little space on your device you have.

The design of Robin is different to other smartphones. It comes in mint green or midnight and looks rectangular. The last thing it looks like is a copy of an iPhone or Samsung. The Robin looks like it’s own smartphone that doesn’t want to copy any other smartphone. NextBit appears not to be a “me too” company, something different in this current environment where every smartphone has the best camera and best display.

The early bird specials on Kickstarter are gone. The current prices are $349 for a Robin smartphone and charging cable with 100GB of storage on the cloud. $399 gets you the same deal with a vinyl mascot toy. $698 gets you two devices with 100GB storage per smartphone. $6,950 gets 20 Robin smartphones into your hands but is currently only available in the U.S.

Source: Kickstarter

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