Pebble announced their first round Smartwatch

Pebble Time RoundSo far, smartwatches have looked square and bulky. For me, one reason I stopped wearing a watch is because I kept taking it off and losing it. I’ve looked at smart watches, and while they interest me, I know that the size turns me off. Pebble seems to have thought about people like me in their design of their latest smartwatch, the Pebble Time Round.

Round watches have been the most popular design for wrist watches, but it hasn’t been the design of any of the smartwatches so far. Not only is it round, but it’s also thin and light unlike any other smartwatch made by Pebble. Pebble claim it’s the lightest and thinnest smart watch on the market; A good feature for a wearable device. The weight is 28 grams, and it is 7.5mm thin.

The construction of the Time Round is all metal with a 38.5mm face. The bezel is quite large, and the screen doesn’t take up all of the face. For some people, this would be less than ideal as it means the screen is small.  The software has been designed to fit onto a round screen via a reconfigured Timeline feature that refreshes an entire page at a time. The strap is 20mm on the men’s model and 14mm on the women’s version. Straps come in a variety of colors and sizes for personalization.

Previous smart watch models from Pebble have had amazing battery life, lasting about ten days before needing a charge. The Time Round only has two days of battery life that Pebble have tried to compensate for by making recharge time quick. For 24 hours of charge, the Time Round only needs 15 minutes plugged in.

The Pebble Time Round has a microphone for voice actions. Currently, it only works with Android, but soon the feature will also work with Apple’s Siri. The colors of the Time Round are silver and black with a rose gold model for women. The display has 64 colors with a backlight. It is not waterproof like previous Pebble smart watches; it is splash proof, though.

Pebble’s Time Round will set you back $249. The design has class and has a professional finish. For people who want a smart watch that looks like a watch and less like a digital device, the Time Round is designed well for them.

Source: Pebble

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