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Why Blackberry and Google will collaborate on PRIV smartphone

Blackberry Android PrivBlackberry’s security and privacy features are well known, and it was this that set them apart in years past. Android is the mobile ecosystem that is on a large number of smartphones and tablets. An announcement has been made that Blackberry and Google will be teaming up to create a new smartphone. The PRIV is designed for users who value privacy in their communications above all else. Blackberry aim to have the PRIV to be a combination of choice, innovation, security, privacy and productivity.

Since once being seen in the hands of stars and high-powered business people, Blackberry has fallen from lofty heights. The devices themselves weren’t bad, but competing the with ecosystems of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android was too much. Blackberry never had the apps to compete with the leaders and consumers changed their loyalties. Rather than start from scratch, Blackberry kept to their strengths of security and privacy. Blackberry and Google combining to create a secure smartphone with the Android OS could breathe new life into Blackberry.

PRIV will maintain the physical keyboard that is an icon for Blackberry. Many Android smartphones feel like clones of clones, so the physical keyboard will set the PRIV apart. If the physical keyboard is something that gets users over to Blackberry, some manufacturers may follow suit.

The PRIV will likely be a favourite of businesses, enterprises, professionals and those with sensitive data. This market has been Blackberry’s usual market, one that helped the company to be once at the top of mobile devices. According to John Chen, the Executive Chairman and CEO of Blackberry since 2013, there has been good demand for the last round of Blackberry 10 devices. The Passport and Classic have been picked up by enterprises and regulated industries due to its “peerless security and productivity”. Chen claims the software and network are secure and embedded in a one-of-a-kind form factor.

Security and Privacy are important to a lot of people in business, regulated industries or for personal reasons. Security is something that a lot of companies shy away from mentioning until a security breach happens to their servers. Blackberry stand out from the pack as they’re not claiming to have the best camera or display. The PRIV has the name of a smartphone that aims at being secure. Combine Blackberry’s focus on security with Google’s Android OS and you have a collaboration that could spice up smartphone designs.

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