HidrateMe – A Smart Water Bottle

HidrateMe Smart Water BottleYou know you have to drink water each day, but do you? Is water drinking a habit you find hard to pick up? Are you one of those people who’ll carry a water bottle around, but forget to take a sip every now and again? The human body is primarily made up of water, and it is one of the building blocks to life. But, water is something we can forget to consume.

The HidrateMe is a “smart” water bottle that glows when you should have a drink and connects to an app on your smartphone (iPhone or Android.) to tell you how much water you’ve drunk and how much you need to drink for your health or daily goal.

If you’re the sort of person who reaches for water first and doesn’t need a reminder to have a drink, then the HidrateMe isn’t for you. However, for someone like me, who tends to drink more coffee than water (I’ll have a water bottle on the desk next to me, and get up to get a coffee when thirsty, ignoring the water already there.), then the HidrateMe could change things. The benefits of being hydrated are well known, and the HidrateMe will be a device that can be carried anywhere to remind you to look after yourself and hydrate.

The bottle is 24oz/710 ml in size and made from BPA free Tritan plastic with a leak proof cap. A sensor stick inside keep track of the water drunk over the day, sending this information to an app on your smartphone or glowing when you haven’t had a drink for a while. The battery in the HidrateMe water bottle lasts over a year, and has a pour style spout to be easy to use. The app can connect to any wearable device, so you can connect data between apps for a larger overview of your health or fitness goals.

Currently on Kickstarter, the HidrateMe water bottles start from one bottle for $45 (An early bird special of $39 is sold out.), $60 for a water bottle and shirt, two bottles for $87, five bottles for $215, ten bottles for $425, a 3D printed prototype bottle for $1000 (Limited quantity of 10.), $5000 for dinner with the team and name next to color, and $7000 to go deep sea fishing with the team. It is hoped for the Hidrate bottle and app to be released by winter 2015/2016.

Source: Kickstarter

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