Microsoft rolls out details on the coming Windows 10 upgrade

Microsoft Details Windows 10 UpgradeEarly last month, Microsoft placed an upgrade subscription notice on all computers with Windows 7 or higher. Now, they are preparing to launch with a massive upgrade list of more than a billion devices.

It will be perhaps the largest scale upgrade attempt ever made by any technology brand. More than a billion devices have been scheduled for a free upgrade to Windows 10, an incredible turnout that proves Microsoft’s proof of concept nicely: if you offer, people will agree.

This is considered the “final” Windows release, a decision that was made at an event a couple of months ago. Not only will they not be launching any more OS products and instead building new and updated features into this one, but they have a new mission. Microsoft wants Windows 10 to be a cross-compatible device for all products, from mobile, to desktop, to tablet, to console.

It has been an ambitious project, to be sure. So far, it seems to be paying off. Microsoft users have flocked to the free upgrade offer. News of great security and privacy features, platform integration, intuitive tools and functionality, and an updated cloud make it a highly anticipated release.

Insider Testing

Right now, Microsoft is still in the testing phase. After asking insiders to begin using Windows 10 beta versions to find bugs and give feedback, they created an impressive list of five million testers. Since starting their insiders program, they have been making changes and solving problems that might cause a hitch when the final platform drops.

The next step will be handing out versions of Windows 10 to OEM partners. These will be used to build new compatible devices for future release.

On July 29, the first versions of Windows 10 will go out to Insider users. They will test it out as a final product, and leftover bugs and issues will be resolved. Around that time, we can expect a huge flurry of reviews online, which should nicely build more hype.

As soon as they have confirmed functionality, Microsoft will turn to their subscription list for upgrades. Those updates will be delivered in waves, eventually affection every one of the more than billion devices. This will likely take some time, perhaps a couple of months.

In the meantime, if you haven’t yet subscribed for an upgrade, you can do so by following the Get Windows 10 prompt on the bottom corner of your taskbar.

Source: Windows Blog

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