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Leaked info gives us possible Samsung Galaxy Note III release date

Samsung GalaxyReports from all over the web are spreading the alleged release date of the Samsung Galaxy Note III. The third in the series, it is now believed that we will see sales starting on September 4 of this year.

For the last several months, Samsung has been pretty preoccupied with their other flagship, the Galaxy S4 series. The launch of the new Mini and the somewhat bizarre Zoom drew a lot of focus in the month of June. So it would be easy to forget the importance of the Samsung Galaxy Note, a phone/tablet combo device that hasn’t been rehashed for awhile. Until we found out a new one was on the way.

I should make one thing clear: we know nothing about the coming specs of the Note III. Samsung has not released a single detail about what changes have been made, or what might have been updated. All we can do is speculate, based on the specifications we are seeing associated with other recent products, and the Note II that was launched last year.

First and foremost is the screen. Each Note has gotten bigger since the original was put on the market at the beginning of 2012. While a phablet, it definitely emphasized the tablet portion, and that trend has continued with the second incarnation. The Note II has a 5.5″ display, and it seems plausible that the Note III will go a bit bigger. My prediction is 6″, pushing it closer to the tablet size mark without making it too cumbersome for a phone.

Everyone has also noted that a 13-megapixel camera is an obvious addition. I would agree with that, thanks to the same being applied to the S4 models last month. Though there is always a possibility of a dual camera, with the front being less sharp than the back.

Other specs are going to be standard for current Samsung models: a quadcore processor with better CPU, at least 2 GB RAM, a decent storage amount (probably 16 GB) with a microSD slot for expansion. The price will probably be somewhere between $400 and $600.

The problem I have with the Galaxy Note series is how unnecessary the entire concept of a phablet is. Why would you want a phone with a screen that size? Or a tablet that’s so small? The combination of a tablet and laptop seems much more logical and useful. So while fans of the Galaxy Note might be excited by this news, I am afraid I can’t count myself amount them.

Source: CNET

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