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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini was made official

Samsung Galaxy S4 MiniAfter a wave of speculation caused by the leak of details related to the product, Samsung officially announced today that it will be releasing a mini version of its popular Galaxy S4 mobile device.

This won’t be any surprise to Samsung fans, after the company released a mini version of their last major smartphone, the Galaxy S3. But it will be welcome news for those who have been hankering for the newest smartphone from the brand, without the higher price.

Hype began earlier this month when a mention of the Galaxy S4 Mini was given on their official app site. Details were scarce, but it did claim that consumers could look for the new phone later this summer. While the market date hasn’t been released, it is set to be announced at the Samsung Premiere 2013 Galaxy & Ativ event held in London.

Features are a little bit similar to those of the Galaxy S4, with a couple of differences. First is the screen size, which will be 4.3″ rather than the original’s 5″, a minor change that shouldn’t affect visibility for most users. It will also have a 1.7 GHz dual-core processor, 8 GB of on-board storage and 1.5 GB of RAM. While some apps will not run on the smaller device, most are going to be adapted for Mini use.

There will be three versions of the Galaxy S4 Mini: 3G, 4G and dual-SIM. Users can still share items such as music, pictures, videos and games using the Group Play feature popular with the Galaxy S4.

As for the general look of the smartphone, it will have the sleek design you have come to expect from the Galaxy series. It is almost identical to the S4, and still comes with a touchscreen that’s larger than many brands (eg. iPhone 5) and takes up the majority of the front. There will be both a front facing and rear facing camera, at 8 megapixels and 1.9 megapixels, respectively.

The reason behind the release of the Galaxy S4 Mini is certainly due to the positive response of the Galaxy S3 Mini. Many Samsung users would prefer a more affordable version of their popular smartphones, and are more than happy to give up a few features to get it. This shows a trend in companies looking for more intermediate best sellers as the high end tech market begins to slow down. Developers have had to provide alternatives for the mid-market range buyers.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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