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Samsung announced Galaxy S4 Zoom, a strange yet interesting smartphone device

Samsung Galaxy S4 ZoomAnother month, another Galaxy S4 variant. Today, a new addition has been announced: the Galaxy S4 Zoom. Unlike most versions of the smartphone, this one is offering something truly unique.

Usually when you get a different version of a single model, it is a mini or containing larger storage space. It might have a couple of features that aren’t available on all devices within the range, but mostly things stay the same. Everything but price, of course.

What makes the S4 Zoom so special is that it has all the features of the regular Galaxy S4 that is its predecessor, but also has an entirely different function as a digital camera.

The first impression you might have upon seeing the Galaxy S4 Zoom is that it’s weird looking. At least for a smartphone, which it first and foremost is. You have the usual sleek, touch screen design of the Galaxy S4 Mini, but on the back is a camera. Literally, there is an unfolding camera lens sticking out of the back of the phone.

Obviously, this makes the model itself much thicker than the Galaxy S4 Mini. But not nearly so much as many digital camera on the market, and you can tell right away that its going to be remarkably lightweight. The lens can unfold quite a distance, but when not activated will sit almost flat against the back.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom CameraBut what is really impressive is the capability of the camera. This is the first time a 16-megapixel camera with a 10x zoom lens has been featured with a smartphone. The photos taken with it will be much higher quality than what you are used to for smartphone devices. It is a whole new next step in integrating technology.

Those who like video chatting have no need to fret. It has a 1.9 megapixel camera on the front that can be used.

A couple of other cool features new to the camera/smartphone is the Zoom Ring, which can be activated during a phone call and allows for in-call photo sharing, a Photo Suggest gallery to see other people’s shots, and Story Album, a timeline you can create of images and videos to share with friends via social networking or phone to phone transfer.

Unlike the other Galaxy devices, the Galaxy S4 Zoom is probably going to be a controversial one. The concept is really cool, and the features are solid. But will it be enough to encourage users to drop their digital cameras and go with a dual option? Only time will tell.

Source: Samsung Mobile Press

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