Sundar Pichai will replace Andy Rubin as head of Android

Andy Rubin GoogleAfter 750 million devices activated and more than 25 billion apps downloaded from Google Play, the head of Android – Andy Rubin decided to start a new chapter at Google. His current position will be taken by Sundar Pichai, the senior VP of Chrome and Apps.

The announcement was made by Larry Page on Google’s blog today and it appears that Andy Rubin will continue his great work at Google in a new position, a position that would hopefully bring “more moonshots”, said Google’s CEO.

Short time after this news hit the web, speculations started to arise. Some said this might signal a future merger between Android and Chrome OS, something that should compete with Windows and MacOS. This doesn’t seem to be impossible and I think Google has every tool to realize it, but I don’t see it ready to challenge the mighty Windows, MacOS or even Linux. But I might be wrong in a few years.

I also heard signals that this is similar with what happened at Apple when Scott Forstall left. First of all I don’t think Rubin departure is similar with what happened when Scott Forstall left Apple last year and on a second thought we don’t even know if the future iOS versions will be redesigned. I do know that Rubin was the guy that believed that an”open-source operating system would drive innovation across the mobile industry” and this was Android. Android evolved year over year and right now it’s one of the most advanced yet customizable mobile operating system.

In just a few years Android grew so big that some of us forget the times when we mocked Android for being ugly and Apple for being cool. And here I would like to remember the leap from Android 2.3 to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This was the step that inclined the balance from iOS to Android. Android looks right now like a teenager that went to a college and have plans to learn more and more. If Google thinks that Android future is inside Chrome OS, then this means graduation.

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