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Global Surveillance methods revealed by Wikileaks

Wikileaks Spy FilesGovernments tracking your phone, tapping in and listening to your every call, and even being able to read your messages is something that many people believe impossible and ‘crazy talk’. Governments wouldn’t do that, would they? And if they did how could a secret so huge be covered up? Why wouldn’t anyone hear about it? How could it happen?

The disbelief about global surveillance and government’s tracking phones and using them to essentially spy on civilians used to be a myth, however Julian Assange provided citizens with hundreds of official papers disproving that belief.

Julian Assange is the founder of the popular whistleblowing organization known as Wikileaks and he revealed this shocking leak on December 1, 2011. According to the leak provided to Assange, 150 private sector organizations in over 25 different countries have the power to not only track phones and other mobile devices, but also to listen to calls and much more.

These organizations can view and listen to every single piece of data on your phone or mobile device. They can listen to your calls, intercept your text messages and emails, go through your internet browsing history, and even shut off phone devices. What’s even more shocking is that your messages and emails could be altered to send out false messages to various people.

So who developed the technology? Well none other than the countries which were supposed to be pillars of freedom throughout the world: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. The shocking discovery that these countries were actively participating in this surveillance is compounded by the fact that this technology was probably then sold to dictators and leaders of oppressive regimes.

In November it was proven that Datong plc. Sold this phone tracking technology to the Scotland Yard which enabled them to track protestors and could even allow them to shut off all of the protestors phones. Another suprising discovery was the fact that Trovicor, a subsidiary of Nokia Siemens Networks, sold the Bahrain government technology to track human rights activists that were actively protesting at that time.

Not scared yet? Well what if there was a Trojan malware that could infect computers AND phones alike and record every use of the device and even record all of the sights and sounds of the places that it was in? Well welcome to the real word because the SS8 ( a U.S based company), the Hacking Team over in Italy, and Vupen from France, all produce this virus that infects computers and phones.

The documents provided to Wikileaks also prove that the United States Department of Homeland Security sold this surveillance technology to the Libyan government allowing them to then intercept phones and find out the exact location of the phone whenever and wherever.

This Wikileak, which came in the form of 228 official papers, can be viewed on the Wikileaks website for all to see the harsh reality of the world they live in today. No longer do we have a sense of security and safety while using our phones because now mobile technology is the play toys of the government and are used as a way to monitor and control civilians.

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