Senseg’s tactile display on a tablet demo, to be released in 12 months

Senseg tactile displaySenseg has had their tactile display technology (E-Sense) out in public for all to see, but has yet to launch it on any devices. However, now they are poised to launch their amazing tech on tablets within the next year. It does sound like a long time, but it is shorter than their longer ranged view of 24 months. CNET had the chance to test this new display.

Imagine touching the glass and feeling wood, stone, sandpaper, or a brush. Toshiba is working hard to bring this to you in the form of a film that can be attached to any surface, whether the front or the back of a phone or even a rounded surface. They presented their New Sensation UI Solution at the Embedded Systems Expo (ESEC). Toshiba will release an SDK as well.

The ESEC includes everything relevant to embedded systems, whether hardware, software, components, or even systems integration and development platforms. Designers, developers, and engineers all flock to the ESEC to keep up on the cutting edge solution for their businesses.

In Senseg’s E-Sense film, there are no moving parts, nor does the technology rely on mechanical vibration, as does forced feedback. Rather, Senseg’s E-Sense utilizes electrostatic fields to simulate textures. The jump from electrostatic fields to the sensation of textures is accomplished through the creation of friction. Smoother surfaces have less friction and rougher surfaces have more. Then there are varying degrees of friction, as with sandpaper, where small, rough spots give the impression of sand glued to the paper.

The differences in friction and texture simulation crack open a wide vista of potential applications. This will enrich gaming experiences and prefect guidance on screen while paying attention to other tasks, such as driving. It will also allow the blind to have a fully functional, interactive interface.

Senseg, a Finnish company based in Helsinki, has been in operation since 2008 and has finally started to produce a chartbuster. The company specializes in haptic user experiences for touchscreen technology. Their creations deliver tactile sensations that are lifelike, right to the user’s fingertips. E-Sense is a first in the field of electrostatic vibration technology. It is simple to integrate in any manufacturing scheme. The technology is supported by many patents granted in the U.S. The founding engineers of Skype have even invested in the company.

Senseg was awarded title of Cool Vendor by Gartner, one of the top analyst firms in the industry. The E-Sense technology caught Gartner’s eye because it brings flat buttons and gadgets to life, interacting physically with the user, while still being only virtual. You can see where this is going, can’t you? Senseg is thrilled as well to be recognized as a leader in haptic technology.

Ville Mäkinen, CTO and founder of Senseg, admitted that he was excited to know that their achievements were acknowledged by one of the world’s leading market researchers, even without promotion of their product. They are in Gartner’s list of the five best game-altering technologies for the year 2011, with regards to the imaging and display device category. The possibilities are endless.

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