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BlackBerry Knight 9980 could be RIM’s chance to rise back

BlackBerry Knight 9980A couple of days ago, Research In Motion was at fault for a serious outage of four days, world-wide. They wanted to reimburse their loyal BlackBerry customers, but didn’t know how to take on the challenge. Unfortunately, they have not catered to the existing customers of RIM, but they certainly may be attempting to capture more prospective consumers as of late.

Stuff Middle East has reported that RIM and Porsche Design will be partnering up for the next concept design of BlackBerry devices. The new device will most likely be a “special edition” of some kind, considering the fact that Porsche will be involved. If you do not know already, the design team behind Porsche is responsible for some of the most innovative designs in a variety of products; from their sporty automobiles, to hard drives.

Last month, a series of photos were pulled from various sources, hinting to a new design for BlackBerry devices. One device in particular was named the “Knight 9980” which made its first appearance through MaxPDA, a Chinese forum. What made the phone’s design so unique from any other BlackBerry design? The “BlackBerry Knight 9980” had more curves and the chassis was shaped irregularly. The keyboard concept was also relatively flat and lacked the “thickness” that every BlackBerry device is accustomed to having. There were also a few alleged videos on the unconfirmed device and seemed to look legitimate. The Knight 9980 was also known as the BlackBerry R47.

According Techcrunch, an invite was sent by BlackBerry and Porsche Design stating the following:

Be part of something truly exclusive. You have been specially selected to join us for a VIP preview evening of an exclusive collaboration between Porsche Design and BlackBerry.

In the footer of the “invite,” a date is specified: Thursday, 27th October 2011 from 19:00 to 22:00. Will this truly be the day that BlackBerry can resurrect from their losses with an advanced concept design?

It isn’t surprising that these types of articles exist, because let’s face it; Research In Motion is not doing so hot right now. With the rapid releases of Android 4G LTE devices and the iPhone 4S, RIM would have to come up with something extraordinary to even somewhat compete with today’s market. RIM has done well in the past, but new times call for new devices. BlackBerry can no longer serve exclusively to corporations at this point. The average consumer is usually the best target for the cellular industry, so placing any type of focus on just one population of people would be unwise for BlackBerry. In other words, what will BlackBerry do to recuperate their losses, primarily from the service outage which affected all BlackBerry consumers world-wide?

Well, first thing is first: BlackBerry should reimburse their existing customers and avoid losing any more customers because at this point this would be a devastating blow for BlackBerry’s reputation.


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