Doxie Go is one of the best Scanner alternative

Doxie GoWow, the cell phone and smartphone industry has certainly dominated the technological websites across the World Wide Web. Today we’ll be discussing something out of the ordinary: a high-tech scanner that takes scanning to a whole new level.

From Lexmark, to Epson, to Kodak; name brand scanners are consistently selling like pancakes and will be on hot demand for many years. Have you ever heard of the company called Doxie? Well, Doxie is a one-of-a-kind company which strives to hold the title of the most advanced printer company. They certainly might achieve just that when they release the Doxie Go.

Before we move on to the Doxie Go, let’s take a look at what else Doxie has to offer. Doxie currently offers two models: The Doxie, and the Doxie U. Both of these products offer portable scanning, 12 seconds per page scanning at 200 dpi for grayscale documents, up to 600 dpi resolutions, an extremely portable 309g weight, and PC/Mac compatibility. What else could you possibly ask for? The price tag on the Doxie U sets at $119, while the Doxie costs $149. The difference between the two scanners is virtually nothing. The specifications are all the same, the weight is the same; the Doxie U is for teachers and students, while the Doxie is for personal home use. The Doxie also comes with a Corinthian leatherette carrying case, while the Doxie U doesn’t. So if you are a student or teacher, the Doxie is definitely a bargain for the price and specifications it has to offer.

Now let’s move on to the upcoming Doxie Go. The Doxie Go will start shipping in five weeks and will offer a variety of amazing features which will make the Doxie even more portable than it is now. An iPhone/iPad Sync Kit will be available for $39 which will allow a user to sync their scans directly to an iDevice’s photo roll. You will also be able to upload your scans to a Flickr and Evernote account with this machine. Aside from the other models, the Go features a rechargeable battery so you won’t have to plug it into an electrical outlet. What are the specs for this new scanner? The 600 dpi remains the same, but the speed has improved; 8 seconds per page for a 300 dpi color document. Although the device weighs 403g (96g more than the other models), it is still relatively light and actually stores documents! The Doxie Go stores up to 600 pages, or 2400 photos with its built-in memory. An SD card slot and USB flash drive port is available for users who may want to use their expanded memory units.

Doxie has certainly made an impact on the scanner industry, considering the portability and versatility of its scanners. Its uniqueness and thinness makes it very user-friendly and travel-friendly. Although it does have a childish look to it, the housing of the scanner just makes it so simple to carry around (even for those who travel frequently due to business). Will the Doxie Go meet its expectations?

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