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Android should feel threatened by iPhone 5

Android and AppleYou probably remember about a year ago, when Android started to be the source of some news because it appeared to be soaring high in sales. Some were amazed that the Android, being fairly new, was becoming so popular in the wild mobile market. Apple fans were wary about it as well. However, the fact that the iPhone was only available through AT&T and Android was available through four different carriers made a clear difference.

The Droid continue to soar high, along with other phones, until Verizon started to offer the iPhone as well. Almost six months after the news had broken out that the Droid was doing so great, Verizon included the iPhone in their collection. After this happened, it was easy to see how Android’s sales were directly impacted.

To top things, sales report showed that the iPhone alone in Verizon had already alone 2.2 million phones in a period of two short months. This dented Android’s sales noticeably, and their share started to shrink. This was the first time in a while that Android encountered problems with sales.

Apple fans state that it’s easy to see that people were not buying iPhones like crazy because simply they were not available in all carriers. More detailed reports have showing the sale activity in different stores around the country. The reports showed that the iPhone was indeed the best-seller phone in the majority of the stores. However, if you think about it, months ago the iPhone wasn’t even there, which means that people were not buying it simply because it was absent. Now that it’s available, customers are flocking to buy it like crazy.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Androids sales have plummeted completely. Indeed that they are still one of the major phones in the country with high sales. They are simply not kings of the jungle anymore. Even though, it’s believed that iPhone’s sales weren’t as high as they though because customers were expecting a newer model to be launched soon. This means that the sales, even though they were high, they did not peak.

The release of iPhone 5 – which seems that is going to be launched sometime this fall – has created a tremendous expectancy among the customers, will surely have enormous consequences on Android Phone sales. A few are even anticipating the reverse of its recent success.

If iPhone was capable of affecting Android’s market share by being offered in one single carrier, imagine what it will do once it’s available in two carriers.


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