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Rumour: Is This Motorola Xoom 2 Tablet?

Rumoured Motorola Xoom 2

The virtual world is going crazy as pictures of a woman holding a tablet are being shows as the Xoom 2. It all started by an ad for Verizon where you can visualize a tablet that looks like the Xoom, but only sports a Verizon logo. But what has the whole world wide web going crazy is the fact that there seems to be nothing new about it! The color is basically the same, the way that it’s outlined; along with the speaker everything seems to be exactly the same.

Perhaps Motorola should wait a little bit before they launch the new Xoom. That’s what has all Xoom’s fans going crazy; they are really hoping and praying that this is not the second release of Xoom, or at least, not just yet.

This whole mayhem is coming after the slightly negative feedback that most users have been giving Xoom. The problem is the fact that the tablet is insanely expensive for what it really provides. Sales reports have shown that the sales haven’t been as Motorola expected. It has been four months already since the first Motorola tablet was launched, and they are still struggling to place it on top of the pyramid.

As a matter of fact, what has thousands of customers unhappy is the fact that the tablet can’t be held easily. You almost have to fight with your own hands in order to hold it still. There is no slot for your microSD card, and there is no USB port. Nowadays, how are you supposed to share any type of information if you’re lacking a USB port?

It’s been clear to Motorola that their Xoom tablet at the end didn’t mean all that to the customers. Even worse, they seem to have created a disaster. Hopefully, they still have a working head and will realize that launching Xoom 2 – assuming that indeed it’s the #2 – would just make matters a lot worse.

Now, this doesn’t mean that absolutely nobody purchased their tablet. Nonetheless, if compared with the iPad, you will see a huge gap. While a few customers moved forward to try to give some useless praises to Motorola, the press did its job at providing the real information.

So far there hasn’t been a major update ever since Xoom was released back in February. This might lead someone to think that they indeed have something in the works (like a Xoom 2!).

Rumoured Motorfola Xoom 2 Tablet

In addition, perhaps Motorola should consider lowering the price on their Xoom 2, whenever it’s released. It’s clear that they are selling it at expensive prices because they want to compete with iPad. But the numbers are simply not matching. Hopefully, Motorola will wait until they are able to adding important features to the Xoom 2.

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