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Alienware M18X, M14X and M11X R3 Laptops were made official this week

Alienware M14X LaptopGaming laptop means Alienware and now gaming has got even better with three newly announced laptops: Alienware M18X, M14X and M11X R3. Among these, the soon to be released M18X is claimed to be the “most powerful 18-inch gaming laptop in the universe”. The M11X laptops are already popular among gamers as these are the most powerful devices with 14 inch screen. But M14X takes power and portability both seriously and makes a great combination of these two.

Among the powerful beasts, M18X bits them all because it comes with the latest Core i7 processor from Intel which runs at 4 GHz speed. For graphics, you will have two options: you can choose from either Nvidia’s SLI graphics or AMD CrossFireX graphics to play with. It is equipped with a 4GB DDR3 RAM and you can increase it up to 8GB. This laptop also has HDMI in which will let you enjoy your PS3 games in this 18 inches 1080p display. The operating system of the laptop is Windows 7 Home Premium. Besides the great display of the 18.4-inch LED Backlit Full HD screen with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution, the M18X also features great sound quality with HD 5.1 surround sound system.

Alienware M18X Laptop

The M11X series of Alienware laptops are hugely popular for smaller size and great power. Talking of mobile gaming device the previous 18.4-inch Alienware laptop cannot be called mobile practically, but the M11X are really portable and as the name suggests, these are with 11-inch displays. The third revision of this model called M11X R3 comes with a great surprise. For the first time Intel Core i7 processor has been used in such a small laptop of 11-inch display. RAM and Hard Drive are of course customizable according to the will of the customers, but one thing in this device is fixed and it has no other options-it is the graphics chip. The M11X R3 uses a DirectX 11 enabled NVidia GeForce GT 540M(to power up the graphics of the laptop) which can be well placed under the mid-range category and for an 11-inch laptop it is more than enough.

The Alienware M14X laptop takes a balanced position between the M11X and M18X. Though it is heavy, it is still portable and on the other hand it has powerful specs enough to surpass any other 14-inch laptop in the market. This one also packs an Intel Core i7-2820QM processor which runs at 1.3GHz clock speed and it comes with 8GB DDR3 RAM, enough to power up any recent game. You can choose a hard disk up to 750 GB for this version. The graphics chip used in the M14X is the NVidia GT555M GPU with 3GB dedicated memory, but this laptop also has the option to switch to Intel HD 3000 Graphics when you are doing light works and need to save power.

All these laptops have tons of features which need a guidebook to include them all, but no laptop is better when you can test it for yourselves. The three laptops are available on Dell’s site at the following prices: M11X at $999 and M14X at $1199. M18X price has not been yet disclosed, but as it’s one of the best gaming laptops expect a higher one.


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