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Palm Pre 2 comes with HP WebOS 2.0

Palm Pre 2 Palm the company acquired by HP few months ago for $1.2B is hunting down innovation and activities. The webOS is now having a rebirth with a powerful piece of hardware, Palm Pre 2. Yes, this upcoming phone is going to be equipped with webOS 2.0 which is till now, unlike other mobile OS’s, at the beginning.  It is not missing any of the necessary options a smartphone should have and is a good example of perfection.

The previous attempts of Palm with webOS were not so good because of the lack of good hardware to support the OS. But this time they are not making this mistake again and Pre 2 is powered by a 1 GHz processor supporting true multitasking. It has 16 GB of storage though it includes the system files. The display is 3.1 inch HVGA with multitouch gesture which has a resolution of 320×480 pixels.

Besides touch input it also has a physical QWERTY keyboard which is very popular now a days. It has three kinds of sensors: Accelerometer, ambient light and proximity which make it self-adjustable to different situations and environments. The equipped camera is 5 megapixels with LED flash and Geo tagging feature.

So like a usual smartphone it has every feature like built in GPS, YouTube, Facebook apps, very easy to use calendar, Wi-Fi connectivity, email, support for playing various media formats and many things. But in every usual option you will find out there is a touch of perfection with something more. The calendar makes it easy to separate different types of events like family and office events. The Wi-Fi connectivity supports WPA, WPA2, WEP, 802.1X authentication.  It has also the feature called Wi-Fi hotspot with which you can make it a Wi-Fi router for up to five devices (It will need a special data plan from the operator). Email is very easy with Microsoft Exchange email and Direct Push Technology.

HP WebOS 2.0

The talk time is 5.5 hours and the standby time is around 350 hours. Whatever you want to write, like Facebook status, Twitts, email or sms all you will have to do is just start typing. After typing you will easily be able to send it to your required destination selecting from the next step after typing. So that’s another small touch of innovation like the other features though there is no big innovative idea or anything revolutionary in this phone. But the ease of every action will create a habit to use this phone.

Palm Pre 2 Touchstone

The most interesting thing in this phone is the charger because it’s involving a new thing called HP Touchstone Charging Dock. You won’t have to connect it to any cable to charge it, just place your phone on it and it begins charging. While charging it will automatically switch to speakerphone mode and it will switch back to earpiece after you pick that up. Now the charging. It is like a digital photo frame when it is charging, actually it’s a lot more than that because you can watch videos with landscape orientation or watch anything from today’s agenda to Facebook photos slide-show with ‘Exhibition’ which is specially designed for the charging dock.

The availability of apps is pretty good as there are thousands of apps in the store. So you will not feel that you are using a new mobile OS as it has everything a perfected mobile OS should have.

Palm Pre 2 pre-orders on Verizon Wireless will start on November 8 in US. In France Palm Pre 2 is available at SFR network and have an estimated price of €399.90 off-contract.


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