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OnLive MicroConsole Game System starts to ship on December 2nd

OnLive MicroConsole OnLive Gaming system started a new era for PC gamers when they allowed them to play games from their low end PCs using the Internet. This time they are taking another big step by introducing the OnLive MicroConsole, a concept that will continue using cloud based computing just like the previous one. With this you can connect to OnLive gaming system directly from your HDTV or anything with HDMI connectivity.

This small device is really a big step from OnLive which will lessen the gap between Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Actually this thing looks a little different than a console and its size is almost similar to an iPhone. The adapter will show you that the game is processed from the huge machines of OnLive Game System over the broadband line, so there will be no need of upgrading your console as the gaming details and requirements come upgraded.

Looking at the console it might be hard to believe for someone what kind of games you can play with it. Till now there are not many games available to play, but the small list have impressive titles like Assassin’s Creed II, Batman Arkham Asylum, Borderland etc. There are also games like Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood in the coming soon list, so it is for sure that the device is coming with lots of promises.

OnLive MicroConsole Ports

The wireless controller is pretty impressive, slick and comes with two OnLive rechargeable AA batteries (est. 36 hours play time). It is easy to grip, though some people are complaining because it is a bit small, but the buttons and sticks are smooth and easy to use. At the bottom of the controller there are five media buttons which indicates you may have other functions for the device besides gaming.

Another great function of those media buttons is that with the little record button you can record any moment from your game and share that with other gamers. The strange thing is that this controller can be used only with the MicroConsole and there is no way to play with the controller on other devices. You can also use USB/Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with your device and there are games available for OnLive which are playable using those. This little thing promise to be very handy for  PC gamers.

In order to play games smoothly using OnLive MicroConsole you will need to have a high speed broadband. This is very important, esspecially when playing first person shooeter games as it may cause you a total failure with little flaws because timing is everything. Recommended is to have a 4Mbps connection for a 30 to 40 inches TV, 5Mbps connection for 40 inches and larger TVs and 3Mbps for TVs smaller than 30-inches. This device has also Wi-Fi connectivity which makes its portability more reasonable. It takes almost 15 seconds to start a game from turning on.

OnLive MicroConsole is going to be launched officially in December 2nd and the $99 price is also resonable for a little wonder in this Gaming niche.



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    Already got this… it’s called the WII

    • The poster above me has no idea WTH he is talking about. Idiot

    • I’m not sure I follow what you meant in your “zing”. Did you even read the article?

      • umm….how is this like the Wii in any way. If you understand the technology, you will know that they are very different.

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  3. i swear this is one of the best gaming related ideas ive ever heard..

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