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Smartphone Email Capabilities

Smartphone Email CapabilitiesOne of the many alluring facets of smartphones is their ability to perform many tasks that were before exclusively accomplished on a computer. Of all these tasks probably the most popular one to be performed with a smartphone is email.

Many people rate the ability to check email as one of the main reasons they opt for a smartphone over a traditional mobile phone. It doesn’t seem to matter whether the user is a business professional or a consumer, email is important. Email can be handled differently on the various models of smartphones. Smartphones that run their functions on the Android Operating System are quite compatible with Gmail services. This is due to the fact that the Android Operating System was also created by Google. Having a smartphone that runs with this operating system makes it easy to integrate the useful Google tools with the phone. It makes it possible to sync your calendar from your desktop computer with your smartphone. This eliminates that problem of keeping your information current between your computer and your phone. The Android Operating System is not exclusive to any one smartphone manufacturer. BlackBerry has their own operating system used on smartphones that handles email in their own way. When comparing various smartphones, it seems that BlackBerry is the best choice for email. This is due to the fact that it has a high degree of reliability. It doesn’t matter if you have a personal email account or a corporate email account; BlackBerry is one to depend on. Another plus of the BlackBerry is its capacity to provide secure email connections. This makes it reassuring when using your smartphone to check any email accounts using POP3 or web based programs. Other smartphones have email that uses the Symbian Operating System. If you have a smartphone that uses the Symbian Operating System, it is able to access different types of email programs. These would include Microsoft email servers. This is an enticing factor for business people who may need to access their work email account. Certain smartphone models made by Sony Ericsson use the Symbian Operating System.

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