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Blackberry gives up on smartphones, goes the software route

BlackBerry LogoBlackberry has announced that after years of struggling to find their footing in the market they once dominated, they will be giving up on making smartphones. Instead, they will be focusing on software, mobile security, and management.

Blackberry’s Sharp Decline

It isn’t a surprise to anyone who has been keeping their eye on the company. Once the biggest player in the mobile game, they were the go to across the world. But with the introduction of the iPhone, and Google’s foray into smartphones with Android, Blackberry sales began to suffer.

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Blackberry unveiled DTEK50 Android security phone

Blackberry DTEK50Blackberry has spent the last several years struggling for global relevance in the shadow of sleeker, more trendy brands. But now they have gone back to what they know best, focusing on security features instead being the funnest toy on the market. Meet the Blackberry DTEK50.

Greater Privacy and Security, In A Smaller Package

The primary reason to get a Blackberry has always been their dedication to security and privacy. The DTEK50 is a testament to that continued effort. It provides state of the art anti-hacking protections, as well as offers complete control about how your content is viewed, shared, and stored.

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Why Blackberry and Google will collaborate on PRIV smartphone

Blackberry Android PrivBlackberry’s security and privacy features are well known, and it was this that set them apart in years past. Android is the mobile ecosystem that is on a large number of smartphones and tablets. An announcement has been made that Blackberry and Google will be teaming up to create a new smartphone. The PRIV is designed for users who value privacy in their communications above all else. Blackberry aim to have the PRIV to be a combination of choice, innovation, security, privacy and productivity.

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Blackberry reminds us that they exist with new Passport

BlackBerry PassportBlackberry, which has been struggling the last couple of years to break back into the mobile market, has released a new device. The Passport is a smartphone device the same size and shape as the travel document, “the international symbol of mobility.”

The Blackberry Passport is at first glance and interesting looking device. As a way to promote the idea of international movement, they have foregone the usual trend in design and opted for something new. At the same time, it holds with the same blunt, square shape that has become a symbol of the brand itself.

As for the performance of the device, Blackberry has kept to the high end of the market and are looking to outdo the majority of competition from other brands.

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BlackBerry signs deal with Foxconn amidst reports of $4.4 billion loss

  • 20/12/2013 at 17:44 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • News

BlackBerry LogoBlackBerry has announced that it has signed a five year contract with Taiwan electronics manufacturer Foxconn, following a reported $4.4 billion dollar loss in its third quarter.

The plummeting sales is an astonishing increase in what was already a failing profit margin, making the dire circumstances for the brand positively catastrophic.

For the past several months, BlackBerry has been looking for buyers to take over the failing company. Among those who were believed as potential buyers was former Apple CEO John Sculley, though no official bid was ever made.

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BlackBerry replaces CEO, Board of Directors following $1 billion investment

  • 04/11/2013 at 17:12 by It's a Gadget Staff
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BlackBerry 10After rumored negotiations with several firms over the past couple of weeks, BlackBerry has agreed to a $1 billion investment deal with Fairfax Holdings Limited and several other investors (called collectively “Purchasers”). As part of the deal, CEO Thosten Heins will be stepping down, as well several members of the Board of Directors.

This move is not a surprising one, as Heins time at the head of the company has been wrought with complications since taking the reigns in 2012. Desperation was rife within the company as they struggled to find a buyer or create a viable plan to counter major losses over the last few years.

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Former Apple CEO considering BlackBerry bid

  • 24/10/2013 at 17:29 by It's a Gadget Staff
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RIM HeadquartersJohn Sculley, a former CEO at Apple, is considering making a bid for struggling mobile brand BlackBerry. If he makes the bid, he will be up against some stiff competition, including Prem Watsa of Fairfax Holdings LTD, and BlackBerry co-founders Mike Lazaridis and Doug Fregin.

BlackBerry has made many questionable choices over the last couple of years (does anyone remember them making singer Alicia Keys a “partner” a couple years back?), and the brand has suffered for it. Unable to keep up with the advances made by others like the iPhone and Android, selling seems to be the only option. Though the company has been coy in confirming that a buyout is more than just one option.

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