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Will BlackBerry 10 OS be enough to revive the BlackBerry brand

BlackBerry 10 LaunchAs you probably know BlackBerry officially released two new phones this week along their new operating system, called BlackBerry 10 OS. It’s a major step forward for RIM, but it comes 6 years later after the first important event that lead to the smartphone revolution – iPhone launch.

Right now BlackBerry wants to somehow wipe the past and focus to the future. The company will no longer be known as Research in Motion(RIM) and as of this week it will be re-branded into BlackBerry. So, this marks a fresh new start.

I’ve followed closely what analysts said about BlackBerry this week and as usual some were skeptics about their future, while others were happy. One thing is for sure, users won’t have to listen to what analysts predict, because almost every time at least one of them are wrong.

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BlackBerry 10 will shape RIM’s future in 2013

BlackBerry 10Today, RIM sent out the invitation for BlackBerry 10 event, which will take place in New York on January 30, 2013. Doubted as “Re-designed, re-engineered, re-invented” BlackBerry 10 OS will be decisive for the future of RIM.

BlackBerry 10 boast all sorts of improvements and upgrades so it might be just what it takes to make BlackBerry once again become a major player in the world of smartphones. There were some tech enthusiasts that had the chance to play with this new OS and their hands-on looked promising.

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BlackBerry 10 will be decisive for RIM

  • 19/08/2012 at 02:13 by It's a Gadget Staff
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BlackBerry 10BlackBerry was once the juggernaut among smartphones. It was the smart phone when there were no other smart phones on the market. With a stranglehold over the corporate market they were able to keep their domination up for years as the high end mobile phone for the power user on the go. On January 9th, 2007 that all started to fall apart with the release of the iPhone. Yes, BlackBerry was able to keep their spot by lowering prices on the consumer end and due to their high infiltration into the consumer and primarily business markets for as long as they had but as contracts begin to expire so did their marketshare. Many companies kept them as mandatory for how much they had placed into BlackBerry Enterprise security in their companies but it was only a matter of time as people stopped using them unless they had to and even then would be overlooked for people bringing their own devices into the work environment.

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Apple and Google rule the Smartphone Market, while others are Crying

Android and AppleThe smartphone industry in America was overtaken by Apple iOS and Google Android. Yet, many of the formative companies had to rethink and rebuild their strategies. Microsoft and RIM were among them.

As far as shares of the U.S. market are concerned, Android maintained 53% in 2011. Apple’s share ballooned to 29%. The BlackBerry OS share slipped to 11%, while Microsoft could not get its game on, remaining around 2% with the Windows Phone.

Google and Apple have taken control of the game, coercing other players to completely reinvent themselves in this area. Ross Rubin, executive director of Connected Intelligence for the NDP Group, believes that 2012 will be the year which reveals the fruit of these companies’ labors. Against the domination of the U.S. Market by both Apple and Google, many other manufacturers are strategizing to regain lost ground in market shares.

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RIM’s black-out finally comes to an end after four days of horror experiences

RIM HeadquartersThe horror finally ended for Research In Motion (RIM), as co-CEO Mike Lazaridis confirmed that the outages within BlackBerry’s network are over. The service outage held a duration of four days and shocked many of BlackBerry’s users world-wide. Research In Motion co-CEO Mike Lazaridis later apologized on a video for his customers and hopes no such thing takes place again.

Lazaridis, in his video apology, stated: “We’ve let many of you down…You expect better from us. And I expect better from us.”

The service issue was initially “resolved” on Monday evening, however RIM later realized that the issues kept going in the Easter hemisphere; the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. RIM notified its users that the outage was because of a “core switch failure”. On Wednesday, RIM added that the massive backlog dealing with e-mails was the cause to the stress on its systems; this massive backlog was primarily the cause of the service outage. India and the Americas subsequently suffered the outage as well.

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RIM surpassed Apple in Indian Smartphone Market

Apple LogoIndia isn’t buying smartphones. Apple is out, BlackBerry is in. India accounts for over 600 million active subscribers. Apple’s appeal strikes Norwegians more than Indians. Nokia and RIM are tapping into the gold of the world’s second biggest market for mobile technology, since the growth rate in India is as big as 70% annually over the next 4 years. That translates to these companies recovering some of their losses to Apple in America and Europe.

One opinion, posed by an analyst in Toronto, suggests that the wireless carriers of India are too slow at offering 3G nationwide and that this nullifies the advantages of iPhone features. On the other hand, RIM has just the right timing with the perfect product for the situation.

Indian analysts tell that the reason for the rejection of Apple is that most networks in India are still 2G and the main advantages of Apple lie in the 3G networks. A measly 0.2% of the world’s iPads were delivered onto the Indian market.

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Motorola Photon 4G will make companies become jealous

Motorola Photon 4GResearch in Motion (RIM) creator of BlackBerry is receiving hard hits from Motorola, especially since their partnership with Nextel from Sprint. Just few days ago, on June 9, Motorola made the announcement of their brand-new Photon 4G. The Photon is a sophisticated smartphone that runs on Android and features innovative security options, which would make it a perfect contender to bring BlackBerry down.

Motorola stated that they are presenting customers with more options, and that the Photon comes with VPN support and security features such as remote wipe.

The reason why RIM has been so successful is due to their superb mobile e- mail service, and the lack of competitors in that area. Most customers have been relying on BlackBerry phones for e-mail matters. However, they have been stayed up to date when it comes to other types of features and novel gadgets. This has been evidenced by the market results of the last quarters. As a matter of fact, they were placed third in a report published by ComScore.

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