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An in-depth look at why both SOPA and PIPA are headed for failure

SOPA PIPA FailureThe illegal acquisition, or passing on, of copyrighted material (especially movies, games, music, and software) is commonly termed ‘pirating’ and has been a growing problem for years. Governments and the entertainment industry have tried over and over again to stop piracy but all of their efforts have been met with complete failure because they are not grasping the real problem, techdirt reports.

The entertainment industry seems to think that the lack of enforcement on copy right infringement is what has continued to allow this pirating escapade to continue. So, earlier this year, a recent push for more enforcement was by proposing a new bill termed SOPA. SOPA stands for the Stop Online Piracy Act and it was introduced into the House of Reps on Oct. 26. If SOPA passes it gives the Department of Justice a very long leash on the measures they can take to fight online piracy.

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Take a look inside Google’s Subtle Censorship

  • 25/11/2011 at 05:04 by It's a Gadget Staff
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Google SearchThe Google search engine has a unique auto complete feature so that users can see the top searched topics as they are typing in their own search query. Unfortunately Google has been slowly censoring this auto complete feature for piracy-related terms since January of this year.

In January only a few terms were censored but here recently they overhauled their blacklist and it now includes almost all of the file sharing websites. Now, when searching for terms such as ‘torrent’, ‘RapidShare’ and even ‘BitTorrent’, you will notice that absolutely no auto complete results pop up to save your fingers from typing in the rest of your query.

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