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An in-depth look at why both SOPA and PIPA are headed for failure

SOPA PIPA FailureThe illegal acquisition, or passing on, of copyrighted material (especially movies, games, music, and software) is commonly termed ‘pirating’ and has been a growing problem for years. Governments and the entertainment industry have tried over and over again to stop piracy but all of their efforts have been met with complete failure because they are not grasping the real problem, techdirt reports.

The entertainment industry seems to think that the lack of enforcement on copy right infringement is what has continued to allow this pirating escapade to continue. So, earlier this year, a recent push for more enforcement was by proposing a new bill termed SOPA. SOPA stands for the Stop Online Piracy Act and it was introduced into the House of Reps on Oct. 26. If SOPA passes it gives the Department of Justice a very long leash on the measures they can take to fight online piracy.

PIPA, an act first proposed back in 2008, is not nearly as harsh and is being considered as a ‘compromise’ that will be presented as an alternative. Unfortunately many think it won’t matter which act passes due to the fact that both are headed for failure just like many attempts have in the past.

The failure to control piracy has never been due to the lack of enforcement; it is, in fact, due to the reason why people are resorting to piracy. Pirating materials takes a bit of work and there are always risks involved – this is why, when people are presented with favorable alternatives, they will generally choose a legal course should it be reasonable. The increase in piracy is because copyrighted material has skyrocketed in price; going to the movies, purchasing video games, buying DVD’s, and even purchasing apps and music online, are all outrageously priced because the entertainment industry and other industries have no legal competition to force them to lower the prices. Piracy is the only competition these industries have which is why they are doing everything they can to stop it; however their enforcement attempts will ultimately lead to failure and may backfire.

It has been seen time and time again; pirating sites get taken down and many more spring up in its place, new laws get put into place and pirates find more and more clever ways of circumventing them. This unfailing rule has been something that the industries can’t seem to grasp and has led to many disastrous attempts to stop piracy.

Not only will these Acts fail but they will also have a significant and resounding effect on the web businesses that are perfectly legitimate and will put millions of jobs in jeopardy due to the fact that secondary liability is included. On top of that the U.S is claiming to promote Internet freedom while at the same time these Acts are being proposed! Now the U.S, which has been the biggest promoter of freedom in the world, will actively censoring its citizens and will travel down the slippery slope many countries have already headed down.


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