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OnLive announces new cloud gaming services

  • 05/03/2014 at 23:12 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Gaming

OnLive MicroConsoleOnline gaming platform OnLive has announced that they have named former IGN chief Mark Jung as their new executive chairman. Along with this appointment comes new cloud gaming services and multiple platform combination, such as Steam integration.

Two years ago, OnLive suffered a major blow when it was forced to layoff a large chunk of its workforce and file for bankruptcy. They had been unable to compete with other gaming platforms, such as Steam and Origin. At the end of their tether, they were bought out by Lauder Partners. The sale only brought in $4.8 million, a fraction of their once hefty value projection of more than a billion.

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OnLive MicroConsole Game System starts to ship on December 2nd

OnLive MicroConsole OnLive Gaming system started a new era for PC gamers when they allowed them to play games from their low end PCs using the Internet. This time they are taking another big step by introducing the OnLive MicroConsole, a concept that will continue using cloud based computing just like the previous one. With this you can connect to OnLive gaming system directly from your HDTV or anything with HDMI connectivity.

This small device is really a big step from OnLive which will lessen the gap between Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Actually this thing looks a little different than a console and its size is almost similar to an iPhone.

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