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HERE Maps Improving Digital Maps

HERE mapsHERE Maps, a German digital map company, is looking to use traffic data in new ways. Working with BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen, the aim is to generate on the spot traffic information for map users.

Imagine knowing what’s going on ahead as if you’re there. The combination of three of Germany’s biggest car manufacturers with HERE Maps is one that should work well. Cars with cameras will share video data of traffic conditions. Users will get precise information on traffic jams and accidents, quick information on changed weather conditions (Fog, rain, snow, etc.), and information about changed traffic signs, parking and events.

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Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent close to a merger

Nokia HeadquartersNokia was once the biggest mobile phone company in the world, now it’s looking like merging with Alcatel-Lucent to form a communications hardware manufacturer to take on the Chinese giant Huwei.

A merger between Nokia and Alcatel Lucent would bring that company to over take Huwei at number two. Communications and mobile phone hardware is an interesting industry, as the research and development costs are high and consumers expect an affordable high-tech product.

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Nokia releases new N1 tablet running Android and Z Launcher

  • 19/11/2014 at 15:44 by It's a Gadget Staff
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Nokia N1 TabletNokia has announced their first tablet following the Microsoft acquisition, the N1. It is an Android based tablet that boasts several features, including the intuitive Z Launcher, giving users a faster way to get to their most used applications.

The N1 is relying pretty heavily on the Z Launcher as its selling point. For those who don’t know, this interface allows users to scribble a letter or two, and it will bring up suggestions for apps. Over time, it will take into account how often you use certain apps to ascertain which are the most popular, and also the time of day you are most likely to use them. The suggestions will be tailored accordingly, to give users quick access to their applications.

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Microsoft is now officially a major hardware company

Microsoft Nadella and Nokia ElopAfter last year’s announcement that they had acquired Nokia for $7.9 billion, Microsoft has confirmed that both the handset company’s shareholders and regulatory agencies have approved the deal.

In the past, the results of Microsoft’s mobile efforts have been mixed. The Windows Phone has its share of supporters, but the brand has never made a real dent in a market that is dominated by Apple and Android devices.

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Nokia X family of smartphones revealed at MWC 2014

Nokia X SmartPhoneThe Mobile World Congress is underway in Barcelona, Spain, and already we have some exciting news. Nokia has unveiled their new line of smartphones from their X line, connecting with both Windows and Android users in their new devices.

Well know for being a more affordable mobile option,  Nokia is continuing the trend by offering a whole new line of handsets that will provide access for “the next billion” smartphone owners at a cheaper cost.

First on the list are the Nokia X, Nokia XL and Nokia X+. Each of them are made to connect to Windows services such as the recently launched rebranded cloud service, OneDrive.

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Nokia rumoured to release Normandy, an Android smartphone

Nokia Normandy LeakReports are coming in that Nokia plans to release an Android run phone that uses a “forked” version of the operating system. The handset, called Normandy, is a low end model that could allow Nokia to compete with Chinese manufacturers.

This is a surprising move from the phone makers, who have been bought out by Microsoft. The tech giant will be taking over the mobile brand within a few months, yet the Normandy is set to go on sale in 2014. Given Microsoft’s competition with Google for domination of the market, seeing Nokia use their software is certainly unexpected.

However, it won’t be traditional Android software. Rather than being specific to Google products, it will be more open so it can access third party like Bing (perhaps as a nod to their new lord and master?), while still using the Google Play store.

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Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet is now official: Snapdragon 800 CPU and Windows RT at $499

  • 22/10/2013 at 13:25 by It's a Gadget Staff
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Nokia Lumia 2520 TabletAfter numerous rumors surrounding a tablet, Nokia finally made it all clear. Today, at Nokia World in Abu Dhabi they announced their first Windows RT tablet, Lumia 2520.

As you can see in the picture, Lumia 2520 tablet looks awesome and it might be the first ever tablet that can take on the old iPad at least on design. Even if it looks like a bigger Lumia phone, it’s very stylish and thin.

The 10.1 inch display is Full HD IPS and Nokia claims it comes with high brightness and low reflectance, which will improve the outdoor and indoor readability.

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