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HERE Maps Improving Digital Maps

HERE mapsHERE Maps, a German digital map company, is looking to use traffic data in new ways. Working with BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen, the aim is to generate on the spot traffic information for map users.

Imagine knowing what’s going on ahead as if you’re there. The combination of three of Germany’s biggest car manufacturers with HERE Maps is one that should work well. Cars with cameras will share video data of traffic conditions. Users will get precise information on traffic jams and accidents, quick information on changed weather conditions (Fog, rain, snow, etc.), and information about changed traffic signs, parking and events.

HERE Maps Sharing Data To Improve Driving

The number of cars sharing data will be in the millions. Information will come from different parts of the car, not just the camera. Headlights, location systems, windshield wipers, brakes and other sensors in the car will share the data of participants.

Drivers will be notified on their dashboard of anything happening on the road ahead. The services will be HERE Real-Time Traffic, HERE Hazard Warnings, HERE Road Signs and HERE On-Street Parking.

Information For All Circumstances

HERE Real-Time Traffic takes data and gives you real-time information on traffic conditions. The HERE Hazard Warnings is helpful to avoid congestion and help you to learn different routes to your destination while HERE Road Signs gives updated information on changed road signs and speed limits. HERE On-Street Parking is useful. It uses real-time information to inform you to a free parking spot.

Edzard Overbeek, HERE CEO, said: “HERE believes that industry collaboration is essential to address the major challenges faced by road users everywhere. What we see today is the technology and automotive industries coming together to create services that will elevate the driving experience.”

“This is also an important milestone for our open location platform, which is readying to serve as a nerve center for future autonomous vehicles, smart cities and intelligent transportation systems.”

HERE Maps are taking data and using it in a different way. Working in collaboration with car makers specifically gives the services access to further driving information.

“You have competing brands which are putting their data together to create very unique services which were not possible before,” said HERE head of sales, Bruno Bourguet.

This data will help the self-driving car industry. The more information about driving conditions and how people drive will help developers understand driving.

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