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Nokia X family of smartphones revealed at MWC 2014

Nokia X SmartPhoneThe Mobile World Congress is underway in Barcelona, Spain, and already we have some exciting news. Nokia has unveiled their new line of smartphones from their X line, connecting with both Windows and Android users in their new devices.

Well know for being a more affordable mobile option,  Nokia is continuing the trend by offering a whole new line of handsets that will provide access for “the next billion” smartphone owners at a cheaper cost.

First on the list are the Nokia X, Nokia XL and Nokia X+. Each of them are made to connect to Windows services such as the recently launched rebranded cloud service, OneDrive. Besides these Nokia also announced Asha 230 and Nokia 220 phones, but it’s going to be the X family that will cause the most stir, however. Priced at under 110 EU ($150), each of the three X branded phones offers a more sleek design and higher quality hardware and functions.

Nokia has connected billions of people around the world, and today we demonstrated how our portfolio is designed to connect the next billion people to great experiences, executive VP of Devices and Services, Stephen Elop, said.

Our deliberate approach is to offer four tiers of products including our affordable entry-level devices like the new Nokia 220; our entry-level Asha touch phones like the new Nokia Asha 230; our new Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL smartphones primarily for growth economies; and our Lumia portfolio, which is where we introduce the greatest innovation and provide full compatibility with the Microsoft experience.


Tech Specs

The Nokia X will have a 4″ screen IPS LCD screen. It will also be the lowest performance device in the line with only 512 MB RAM, with the X+ providing slightly more with 768 MB RAM. Both will have a 3 MP camera.

With the Nokia XL, you will have a slightly larger screen at the more standard 5″. Hardware wise, it will be quite similar to the X+, with 768 MB of RAM. But it has two camera, a 2 MP front facing camera for Skype fan calls, and a 5 MP camera in the back for photos and videos.

All three devices feature a 8225 Qualcomm Snapdragon dualcore 1 GHz processing chip.

Colors and prices will depend on the market, but they are all brightly colored, which should offer something unique.

Next, we have two very low cost devices in the Nokia Asha 230 and Nokia 220, each of which costs under 50 EU ($68 USD). The cheaper of the two, the Nokia 220, will be an internet ready device with social apps, and so limited in its use. Though the Asha is a more complete smartphone with third-party app downloads.

Nokia 230Source: Nokia

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