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PlayStation announced Move motion controller

PlayStation MoveE3 2010 is finished, but we didn’t want to end this important week without one last announcement from there: PlayStation Move.

Move is a motion-sensing game controller developed by PlayStation for their 3-rd generation of consoles and claims to be better than Nintendo WII one. As you may see from the left picture, this motion system  has two components: Motion controller and Navigation one. Both use Bluetooth 2.0 wireless radio communication and an internal lithium-ion battery(charged by USB) to communicate with PlayStation unit. You can you use up to four move controllers same time.

The motion controller allows the user to interact with the game wirelessly with motion and positioning sensors through PlayStation Eye Camera. The color changing rubber sphere from the top of this controller helps PlayStation to track your position in 3D space with 3 coordinates(X, Y, Z).

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PlayStation 3: A console for the future

PlayStation 3Today’s post is another premiere for our site and we would like to present to you a new category: Consoles.

PlayStation is a game console created and developed by Sony Computer Entertainment, which has reached three series through years. Since the launch of the first PlayStation model, in 1994, Sony reported a total of over 310 million sold units. PlayStation 3 was released worldwide in 2006 and competes against Microsoft Xbox or Nintendo Wii to win the Gaming Consoles market.

The PS3 console is connected to a TV device, through an AV cable, but it’s recommended to use HDMI one if you want to get the best gaming experience(@1080p).

A basic component on a PlayStation console is the controller, which has the following important features:

-two analog sticks.

-one D-pad.

-four main select buttons(“Triangle”, “Circle/O”, “Cross/X” and “Square”).

-two Left(L1 and L2) and two Right(R1 and R2) buttons situated at the top and of the bottom of the upper part of the controller.

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