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Mobile World Congress 2015 Preview

MWC 2015Barcelona is once again playing host to the largest and most important mobile event of the year, the Mobile World Congress. Already, people are on the edge of their seats as we anticipate the year’s most crucial and interesting releases in the mobile market.

By its very nature, this event has plenty of surprises. Smaller producers, or even well known brands that have fallen from grace in recent years, can sweep in with some really cool tech. But there are some coming unveilings that are known, and much anticipated. A few have already been shown off. Let’s take a look.

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The Mobile World Congress is not attractive anymore

Mobile World Congress 2013Over the past years, we’ve usually wrote articles from Mobile World Congress. The event takes place every year in February at Barcelona and it’s populated with gadgets and announcements. Unfortunately, year-over-year event’ glow started to fade away and it doesn’t have the same interest it had in the past. It’s not a surprise since companies started to announce their products by organizing their own events.

If I remember well, two years ago Samsung was unveiling Galaxy S II smartphone, during a MWC 2011 conference. This year was different. Sure, there were some released, but none of them were very important. I appreciate what LG did this year at MWC, because they had the courage to make some interesting announcements: they bought WebOS from HP and plan to incorporate it in Smart TVs, they brought Optimus F7 and F5 phones and demoed a 4K UltraHD streaming from a phone to a TV.

In other words, not pretty much happened during MWC. Here’s what was interesting:

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Mobile World Congress 2012 getting ready to kick off

MWC 2012Mobile World Congress 2012 is about to start at Barcelona. As you probably know, this is a good opportunity to discover some of the latest innovations. We might see some new quad-core tablets, mobile phones and future technologies. There will be also some live events organized by Sony, HTC, Nokia, ASUS, Google and others.

Here is the official schedule and participants from MWC 2012.

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Mobile World Congress 2011 Schedule and Participants

Mobile World Congress 2011

One of the biggest technology Congress is about to start and we are more than ready for the beginning of Mobile World Congress(MWC) 2011, which will take place as usual at Barcelona. For the tech addicts this event is a good opportunity to discover the latest innovations made in mobile phones and the future releases. It will a busy week and we will try to keep you feature and keep you updated to the Press Events that will take place. As usual the Schedule list is ready and the famous Participants are awaiting this event to kick off. It is expected that companies like Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, LG, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Twitter, Intel, Yahoo, RIM, Google, IBM will step on the stage and present some of their latest: Mobile Phones, Tablets, Innovations, Operating Systems and so on.

After the break you’ll discover the Schedule and Participants for MWC 2011 Barcelona.

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Microsoft reveals Windows Phone 7 series phone at MWC 2010

Windows 7 Phone Start ScreenFirst day from WMC 2010 has passed and now it’s time to discover some of the concepts featured at Barcelona.

The most expected announcement of day and maybe the congress, is the one made by Microsoft who made a preview of how Windows Phone 7 series phone will look. The new OS has been presented by Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer itself and brings some quality updates.

In the left picture we see that the start screen is a collection of live updates coming from several sources such as phone, social networks, mail, pictures, xbox live games, zune music, internet explorer and so on. The start screen can be customized by user who can move or add different tiles.

Every phone that will have Windows 7 series, will come with 3 hardware buttons: Back, Start and Search. The search button(Bing) will reveal relevant web or local information based on your query.

Hubs bring together related content from the Web, applications and services into a single view to simplify common tasks. Windows Phone 7 Series includes six hubs built on specific themes reflecting activities that matter most to people: People, Pictures, Games, Music+Video, Marketplace, Office.

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Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2010 preview

World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, SpainHello folks,

This week seems to be very busy as Mobile World Congress begun this week in Barcelona, Spain(15-18 February) and there are gonna be a lot of interesting announcements.

We received and expect to receive news regarding launches of new OS from Windows(Mobile), Nokia(Symbian) or some new phones from HTC, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung.

Hope we have our fingers rested cause it’s gonna be a long week full with previews and announcements.

Enjoy it!

photo credit: engadget

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