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Top 10 Must-Have Gadgets for 2011 Holiday Season

Happy HolidaysChristmas is fast approaching and tech gadgets are always at the forefront of holiday wish lists. 2011 has been a great year for electronics and some truly innovative devices have been released to the markets. If you are making a list, or looking to buy a perfect gift for a loved one, find out which gadgets are must haves for this holiday season!

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Apple OS X Lion and its new Features

Apple OS X LionApple had recently released its new version of Mac computers in the market and same time included in this last release was the latest operating system, called OS X Lion. With Apple’s massive success in their products, the company has always crafted their way to satisfy the needs and satisfaction of any customer. Today we will focus to unveil some of the features of this new OS release.

They call it “the world’s most advanced desktop operating system”. One of the new things Apple has developed is their operating system. Their operating system is now called Lion. The lion is the 7th major modification of Apple’s OS X. Lion replaced the Snow Leopard OS. The new operating system is said to have about 250 new features.

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Rumour: Is the new MacBook Air going out Soon?

Apple Macbook Air

Some rumors had started a few weeks ago in relation to the next MacBook Air claiming it will come with a fresh breath of new air. The big expectation was that this new MacBook was going to come with a Sandy Bridge processor by Intel. These rumors had been going around since the beginning of this year, creating even a bigger expectation among the Apple lovers.

The original shipment of the laptop was first scheduled for January, and then it was moved to a later date because there were some problems, that were described as minor, with the actual processor. Rumors then flared stating that the MacBook was going to be available in June, and now that the time has come Best Buy has added it to the expectation.

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