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Rumour: Is the new MacBook Air going out Soon?

Apple Macbook Air

Some rumors had started a few weeks ago in relation to the next MacBook Air claiming it will come with a fresh breath of new air. The big expectation was that this new MacBook was going to come with a Sandy Bridge processor by Intel. These rumors had been going around since the beginning of this year, creating even a bigger expectation among the Apple lovers.

The original shipment of the laptop was first scheduled for January, and then it was moved to a later date because there were some problems, that were described as minor, with the actual processor. Rumors then flared stating that the MacBook was going to be available in June, and now that the time has come Best Buy has added it to the expectation.

However, this change of plans was displayed in Best Buy’s web portal. The four MacBook Air laptops are listed on the site, but they are all displaying as not available. In the past, Best Buy.com placed items in a not available state only if they didn’t have enough items in stock, but now it seams they are trying to focus on the sales of the new wave of products. This has added even more excitement to those that have been desperately waiting for the laptop to be released.

In the past, avid buyers have monitored the behavior of Best Buy in order to get an idea of when new products are about to be released. This has worked especially with Apple products, and a clear example is there are stock-keeping units placed in their system. It has been observed that the placement of SKUs gives path to new and fresh gadgets.

This technique doesn’t always let buyers know the exact date and time of the release of new products, but it surely gives a better idea of when it’s going to be released. In addition, when the previous model is showing as not available for shipping, this is an even greater indication that the new one is getting closer.

Buyers are guiding themselves due to prior experience such as the popular iLife. When the previous model was showing as not available on Best Buy’s site, just a few weeks later iLife 11 was launched and consequently released. Moreover, it has been stated that the MacBook Air stock is currently limited, least in other retailers.

Even though the actual date is still to be guessed, many people are tending to believe that it will be released next weekend for the 4th of July long weekend. This, of course, is only a rumor, but soon we will all find out if it’s true.


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