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Google Nexus 4 actually features LTE

Google Nexus 4 BackWhen Nexus 4 came out everybody was angry that it lacked LTE. Users had every right to do that since almost all smartphones released this year were featuring LTE. The turn came this week, when some users from XDA Developers Forums managed to somehow use the LTE on a Nexus 4 phone in Canada.

It all started one week ago when AnandTech reported that “Band 4 (AWS) could essentially be supported with the power amplifiers and transceiver that already are onboard the Nexus 4, but again it ultimately comes down to a particular OEM choice whether these get supported”. And now after AnandTech finished their tests we know for sure that Nexus 4 supports LTE on Band 4.

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Apple iPhone 5 is now Official: Slimmer, Faster, LTE and iOS 6

Apple iPhone 5 and EarPodsIt’s probably not news to anyone keeping up with the tech community that the iPhone 5 was launched yesterday. At around 1PM San Francisco time, Apple held their usual “top-secret” press conference to make a big announcement. And of course, it was no surprise when they unveiled the new iPhone 5, because the phone looks quite similar with the leaks we’ve seen few months ago.

Apart from all of the media hype surrounding the event, what does the phone actually do differently than the iPhone 4 or 4S?

Obviously, there was plenty of speculation on what the new phone would be capable of, but have those rumors lived up to the hype? Let’s take a look and see what’s new.

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Will Lumia 900 Smartphone help Nokia to re-enter the US Market ?!

Nokia Lumia 900 BlackTake a gander at the newest Windows Phone Nokia is sporting about at the CES 2012. It is called the Lumia and it’s the thinnest Windows Phone yet and it is Nokia’s first phone capable of handling high speed LTE data transfers.

The Nokia Lumia was built exclusively for AT&T (yes, Verizon is left out again!) and it is a powerful new smart phone with a large screen, incredibly thin case, fast processor, and much more! The download speeds alone on the Lumia 900 are as fast as 50Mbs on the AT&T 4G LTE network. These speeds will drastically increase the users experience while using the web. No more waiting for movies to load before watching them, no more wait to view emails – everything responds instantaneously and without pause.

The screen on this new smart phone is a nice 4.3 inch AMOLED ClearBlack display. Web pages look clear and crisp on the Lumia and movies are phenomenal with the 800 x 480 pixel resolution. Despite having a larger screen, the Nokia Lumia fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. It’s smooth, lightweight, and incredibly stylish looking – something AT&T customers will enjoy boasting about to their friends!

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LG Nitro HD comes with a 1.5 Ghz dual-core CPU, LTE and 720p Display

LG Nitro HDLG is far from the top of anyone’s list when it comes to great smartphone companies. It has been a long time since they have done anything noteworthy with phones. Now the company wants to re-invent itself by designing and releasing the Nitro HD.

LG has not put itself on the line with a new smartphone flagship product in such a long time. Yet, they are taking the risk to try to re-enter the market with a bit of a punch this time, in the form of the Nitro HD smartphone.

The Nitro HD sells for $249.99, when a contract is signed. This is a rarity among phones. It is AT&T’s first phone equipped with a 720p display. It is also among the only three phones in the world that can utilize the AT&T LTE network. That having been said, the specs are more than adequate, but the phone itself really required more care before releasing on the public.

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HTC Thunderbolt is set to be released soon for an estimated $249.99

HTC ThunderboltWith the Thundebolt announcement made just few weeks ago, HTC clearly stepped into the future. To make you believe this just take a look at some of the features that will make this smartphone so especial: the support for the next LTE Verzion wireless network, a 1 Ghz processor and an 8 megapixel flash camera.

It has 8GB storage which falls a little short because the iPhone has max 32 GB memory, but that won’t be a problem as it accepts microSD card with capacity up to 32 GB. On the other side, it features 768 MB RAM and this will make it one of the fastest smartphones.

ThunderBolt uses Android 2.2 Froyo OS and is powered by a 1GHz Scorpion processor plus an Adreno 205 GPU.

When talking about display, it has 4.3 inches TFT capacitive touchscreen display with 16 million colors and 480 x 800 pixel resolution. In addition to that, the accelerometer and proximity sensor along HTC Sense 2.0 UI make the media viewing excellent. For Audio experience this phone has Dolby mobile sound enhancement (DNSe) and also a 3.5mm jack for headphones and loud speaker.

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