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Will Lumia 900 Smartphone help Nokia to re-enter the US Market ?!

Nokia Lumia 900 BlackTake a gander at the newest Windows Phone Nokia is sporting about at the CES 2012. It is called the Lumia and it’s the thinnest Windows Phone yet and it is Nokia’s first phone capable of handling high speed LTE data transfers.

The Nokia Lumia was built exclusively for AT&T (yes, Verizon is left out again!) and it is a powerful new smart phone with a large screen, incredibly thin case, fast processor, and much more! The download speeds alone on the Lumia 900 are as fast as 50Mbs on the AT&T 4G LTE network. These speeds will drastically increase the users experience while using the web. No more waiting for movies to load before watching them, no more wait to view emails – everything responds instantaneously and without pause.

The screen on this new smart phone is a nice 4.3 inch AMOLED ClearBlack display. Web pages look clear and crisp on the Lumia and movies are phenomenal with the 800 x 480 pixel resolution. Despite having a larger screen, the Nokia Lumia fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. It’s smooth, lightweight, and incredibly stylish looking – something AT&T customers will enjoy boasting about to their friends!

So what’s under the hood of this powerful LTE capable phone? Well, you can thank the updated chipset for allowing the 1.4GHz processor to support LTE data transfers. The processor (for those of you who are just dying for the specs) is a Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8055 + MDM9200. The Lumia also has 512 MB RAM, 16GB internal memory (SkyDrive cloud storage also available), and will run on the Windows Phone OS called Mango.

The surprising thing about the Nokia Lumia is the fact that, despite the larger screen size, its battery life is fantastic. It has a 1830mAH battery that will allow the user an astonishing seven hours of talk time. Additionally it can stay up on standby for three hundred hours and can be switched into flight mode so that you can listen to music for over two and a half days!

Still not good enough for you? Well, how about the phone this bad boy has. The Lumia is equipped with an eight megapixel camera on the back that has a Carl Zeiss lens and an incredibly bright LED flash. On top of being able to take fantastic pictures (in both bright light or dim light) you can also take high resolution video at 720p.

Nokia Lumia 900 Black FullDon’t worry, there is more than one camera on this beast! The camera facing the user is only a one megapixel camera however its primary use is video calls. Also, for you social lights, there is an integrated social networking section on your phone that allows you to view all of your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn contacts!

The Nokia Lumia is a fantastic smart phone that is completely designed for high speed web browsing, video watching, and more! With some innovative features behind it, and the speedy LTE data transfers, this will surely be a fan favorite when it hits shelves!

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