iPhone 4 Articles

The first Mobile Phone Ever

Old Mobile PhoneThe documented use of the first mobile phone was in 1922, the event was recorded on film and the film clip has turned up during the search of an old film archive by British Pathe.

The film which ironically is silent shows two women walking along a street in an American city. They are carrying a large wooden box of which the top flips open to reveal a phone. They take a wire from the phone and connect it to a fire hydrant. It is assumed that this provides the radio phone with a ground connection as was necessary in the old analogue radios.

They then erect an umbrella around which is would another wire. We assume that this is an aerial. They then initiate a phone conversation with a telephone operator.

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Proof: iPhone 4 has antenna problems

iPhone 4 Antenna IssueA big issue hits every iPhone 4 owner this period: signal strength. Most of the experts(except Apple ones) claim that this is caused by the magnetic band. How this happens? We’ll give you some proofs.

Reports say that when you hold iPhone 4 in your left hand, you will experience signal loss problem. On the left side of the phone is a little space in the magnetic band and when this is covered the strength of the signal is weakened or lost.

Further more, a conversation between an Apple user and Steve Jobs was these days discussed and featured all over the Internet. The user told Steve that Apple should be ashamed by the signal performance of iPhone 4. Users mock about it, saying that it’s impossible to make a call without dropping. Steve replied arrogantly, telling the user to “calm down”, “relax”, this is happening only in weak signal areas and Apple is working to solve this small issue soon.

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iPhone 4 announcement was made at WWDC 2010

iPhone 4WWDC 2010 conference begun today, and Steve Jobs had a keynote where he presented the past and the future of Apple.
More than 1000 Apple engineers will attend at the event scheduled between 7 and 11 of June at Moscone West, in San Francisco, California.

The event begun as usual with numbers, huge numbers recorded by Apple:  2 million iPads sold, 5 million books downloaded, 15.000 new apps submitted each day and 95% accepted, 5 billion downloads and $ 1 billion paid to developers. Another big news for book readers is that PDF(viewer/reader) is now available at the iBooks section. Three major new apps were presented than: Netflix, Guitar Hero and Farmville.

Than, the major announcement was made: iPhone text appeared on the screen and so the next Apple phone will be called iPhone 4 and not 4G or HD as we were supposing. The shape and some of his specs were seen before, thanks to an Apple developer who forgot the device in a bar and Gizmodo.

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