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iPhone 4 announcement was made at WWDC 2010

iPhone 4WWDC 2010 conference begun today, and Steve Jobs had a keynote where he presented the past and the future of Apple.
More than 1000 Apple engineers will attend at the event scheduled between 7 and 11 of June at Moscone West, in San Francisco, California.

The event begun as usual with numbers, huge numbers recorded by Apple:  2 million iPads sold, 5 million books downloaded, 15.000 new apps submitted each day and 95% accepted, 5 billion downloads and $ 1 billion paid to developers. Another big news for book readers is that PDF(viewer/reader) is now available at the iBooks section. Three major new apps were presented than: Netflix, Guitar Hero and Farmville.

Than, the major announcement was made: iPhone text appeared on the screen and so the next Apple phone will be called iPhone 4 and not 4G or HD as we were supposing. The shape and some of his specs were seen before, thanks to an Apple developer who forgot the device in a bar and Gizmodo.

The new Apple gadget has the designed well reshaped with stainless steel banding around the sides and a glass front+back. Steve was glad to say that  iPhone 4 will become one of the thinnest smartphone on the market(having just 9.3mm).

On the left side of the phone we have now three metal buttons: two for the volume and one is the mute button. MicroSIM slot is hosted on the right side of the phone. Above the screen there’s the 3.5 mm headset, a microphone and the On/Off button, while at the bottom is the usual microphone, a 30-pin connector and the speaker. Near the earpiece, a VGA camera(30 fps) will finally give us the chance to videochat with other users.iPhone 4 Side Buttons

The display made a big leap forward and as Steve Jobs claimed seems to be one of the gorgeous ever made. Retina display means a 4x increase of the pixels that 3GS had. The retina display has now 326 pixels per inch and managed to deliver an unbelievable experience on a 3.5-inches screen with 960 x 640 resolution and 800:1 contrast rate. Everything on the display is 4x times better than 3GS model, we’ve putted a comparison photo to understand better.

Along the accelerometer, compass and proximity sensor, a three-axis gyroscope is now available. The new 6-axis motion sensing system will be perfect for gaming on an iPhone 4 device.

iPhone 4 Retina Display vs iPhone 3GSAt the back of the phone is a 5 megapixel camera that comes as well with LED flash, backside illuminated sensor, 5x digital zoom and tap to focus. In order to achieve a high quality, Apple kept the size of pixel sensors from 3GS model and now camera captures more photons. Another cool feature of the 5 megapixel camera is HD video recording.

Videos can be recorded in full 720p(HD) at 30 fps and tap to focus, built-in-video editing, one-click sharing or the LED flash will be there to help you. More than that, iMovie app will deliver you the tools to create movies or video postcards by inserting your favorite selection of videos, music, photos.

iPhone 4 Camera

iPhone 4 be featuring a quality set of connectivity options: GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi(b/g/n), Bluetooth 2.1, USB 2.0 port and GPS. Internal components are also changed: the battery is bigger, the processor is the A4 made by Apple, but the flash memory remains the same(16Gb or 32Gb). The browser is expected to be Safari 5, but no announcement has been made during this event.

Each phone will have the fourth iPhone operating system version which now is called iOS 4 and will be featuring: multitasking, folders, iAd, Retina Display integration, unified inbox and threading in Mail, lots of enhancements in camera and photos, deeper enterprise support, and tons of new features everywhere.

Steve Jobs keynote ended with a demo where he could test the last feature called FaceTime video calling. FaceTime is an app that requires Wi-Fi(for now) and one of the two cameras to enable video calling between two iPhone 4 phone users. In the future it is expected that video chat calls will be enabled on any kind of phone device, but this is a matter left to discuss with cell phone carriers.  During calls you can switch views between front or back camera and between and share the entire view and sound to your call friend(landscape or portrait mode also supported).

At the end let’s not forget the colours(White and Black) and the pricing which will be $199 for 16GB or $299 for 32GB.

Apple’s iPhone 4 will be released on June 24th, but pre orders will start from June 15th and by the end of September a total number of 88 countries will get it delivered.

iPhone 4 Full View iPhone 4 Under Display



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