IFA 2011 Articles

Acer Aspire S3 steps into the Ultrabook Market

  • 11/09/2011 at 21:47 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Laptops

Acer Aspire S3Intel’s new laptop specifications are embodied in the Ultrabooks. They were all the buzz at the IFA 2011 tech show and Acer is jumping on the bandwagon with the new Acer Aspire S3. Other manufacturers have their own take on it, but at Acer it’s full steam ahead.

While the Aspire is not the thinnest Ultrabook, you could say it is an anorexic one, looking too thin and complaining how thick it is. Is 17mm thin enough? That is its thickest spot. How about 13mm? That should get you excited. Then add on top of that the 1.3Kg weight and the aluminum-magnesium chassis and you are whistling a happy tune. Slide that baby into a tote bag and the bag feels the same with or without it.

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Samsung brought Galaxy Tab 7.7, Galaxy Note and Wave 3 at IFA 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7As you already might know, IFA is one of the largest and more recognized trade shows over the world. For several years this event has set up the trend in consumer electronics and domestic appliances.

This year, as expected after all the preliminary media display, one of the biggest protagonists were the tablet PCs. Raising the bets on this field, Samsung deployed three new amazing devices on its aim to move forward in this new but highly competed segment.
The first one is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, which arrived at IFA with some sort of controversy after Samsung decided to pull it out and take down the advertisement, allegedly due to some patent dispute with Apple. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 featured an astonishing 7 inches Super AMOLED plus screen.

The Galaxy’s display is literally catching all the eyes, but what is really impressive about this device are his dimensions. Is indeed an incredible achievement packing such good technology in such a small and slim case.

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Sony unveiled a new list of Gadgets at IFA 2011

Sony eReader PRS-T1The 51st annual IFA, the largest consumer electronics and home appliance show in the world, began it’s five day extravaganza. This is when consumer electronics are redefined for the next twelve months. The size of this show is humongous. Last year in Berlin there were more than 230,000 attendees.

Sony claimed at the Sony IFA 2011 press event that over 800 million people use Sony products. It seems hard to believe, but they are probably counting one person per product. It is more likely that if a person likes Sony, they will own many Sony items. So we can safely dismiss that number as bloated. However, the hype over some of the advancements by Sony is anything but bloated. There are some amazing products to be excited about.

The Sony eReader Wi-Fi PRS-T1 is a mere 6-inches, weighs only 168 grams, and is simply 8.9mm thick. It has a one-month battery life and will be able to be loaned from libraries. The E InkPearl display yields a crystal clear, without glare and high-contrast. There is no eye-strain and it can be read even in direct sunlight.

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