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Samsung brought Galaxy Tab 7.7, Galaxy Note and Wave 3 at IFA 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7As you already might know, IFA is one of the largest and more recognized trade shows over the world. For several years this event has set up the trend in consumer electronics and domestic appliances.

This year, as expected after all the preliminary media display, one of the biggest protagonists were the tablet PCs. Raising the bets on this field, Samsung deployed three new amazing devices on its aim to move forward in this new but highly competed segment.
The first one is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, which arrived at IFA with some sort of controversy after Samsung decided to pull it out and take down the advertisement, allegedly due to some patent dispute with Apple. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 featured an astonishing 7 inches Super AMOLED plus screen.

The Galaxy’s display is literally catching all the eyes, but what is really impressive about this device are his dimensions. Is indeed an incredible achievement packing such good technology in such a small and slim case. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 is the evolution of the original Galaxy Tab 10.1  with a smaller body and screen, but maintaining: the famous display quality, the excellent resolution of 1280×800 pixels, a very slim aluminium case only 7.89mm thick and two 1.4 GHz processing cores running the most recent version of Android operating System: Honeycomb, v3.2 (One of the honour invites to IFA). This OS includes, among many other things, the TouchWiz UX interface with its customizable main window.

Samsung Galaxy NoteSamsung Galaxy Note was another device presented at IFA 2011, a device that would make a bridge between tablets and cell phones. This comes with a generous 5.3 inches Super AMOLED screen. Even though Samsung is famous for their displays’ quality, the Galaxy Note deserves a special mention in this field. The bright and powerful colours allow this device to reproduce high definition video with amazing image quality and sound as well. Adding Galaxy Note to its collection of slim and elegant gadgets, Samsung is creating an amazing list of ultra light electronic devices. Besides the screen and the dimensions, a very appreciable detail is the inclusion of a pen to use it as an input device for the screen. The pen is useful to make notes or correct documents and also to create some draws; its sensitivity is not very high, so taking apart the artistic desires, must be taken into account that the target public is the corporate sector so this sensitivity could be good enough.

The third device Samsung presented at IFA was the Samsung Wave 3. With this one, Samsung wants to take advantage of its new operative system release called Bada 2.0. Wave 3 is a special cell phone that features: 4-inches Super AMOLED screen, an 1.4GHz processor, a 5 MP camera and a metal body is weighting  just 122 gr. The Bada OS comes with plenty of animation and visual effects to emphasize the elegant design and the neat appearance of the phone; it also incorporates voice control, multitasking, Wi-Fi support and the enhanced copy-paste Samsung feature.

Samsung Wave 3With these devices, Samsung invaded the market and set up a very high level of competence for all the participants. Of course there will be plenty of new advantages for the consumers, but the saddest part for us is that an official release date for this new gadgets, has not been announced yet.

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