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U.S. Army to Ship Smartphones with Troops

Mobile PhonesSoldiers in the U.S. Army will be given standard gear, such as boots, M16, BDU’s (Battle Dress Uniform – camouflage clothes), ammunition, and a smartphone, starting later this year. Following its test pilot to measure the viability of soldiers in combat with touchscreens and tablet, the Army is encouraged at the results at White Sands New Mexico and Fort Bliss Texas.

Operational radios are standard equipment for specified members of brigades. Smartphones will serve as a wider spread device that enhances existing operational equipment, without replacing them. Foot soldiers will utilize sms technology to send info on their surroundings, pictures, GPS locations, access maps, and complete reports quickly.

Michael McCarthy, the program director, said, “This technology is very familiar to these young soldiers. It has been part of their upbringing and they are extremely comfortable with it.”

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Public concern over Apple collecting Location Data via Devices

Apple LogoIn our current world, technology is growing and becoming more advanced day by day, some people see this from a good light, however others believe technology is taking away are privacy and security. In recent years we have seen the use of GPS becoming part of our daily lives, GPS technology has given us many advantages and is being used and developed for a wide diverse of platforms.  GPS technology allows you and others to track and see the location of your devices, this has an obvious flaw, allowing others to find your location and potentially cause harm to you.

As most of you are probably aware, an iOS database file called consolidated.db was discovered on Apple’s devices(iPhone and iPad), this file is known to hold large amounts of geographical data collected from Wi-Fi points and cell towers.  This discovery brought major concern to the tech community, however this finding is not new to the world of technology, many people have known about this “tracking discovery” for a long time.

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Is TomTom Better Than The Garmin Sat Nav?

TomTom vs Garmin Sat Nav

Who has the best sat Nav on the market? TomTom vs Garmin? Garmin has been around a long time as well as TomTom. Both GPS devices are very popular. How do you determine which of the Sat Nav is best? The best thing to do is ask yourself a few questions regarding how will I use it and how much can I afford. The answer to these basic questions is a good starting point. Don’t forget to read the online reviews for Garmin & TomTom.

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