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Is TomTom Better Than The Garmin Sat Nav?

TomTom vs Garmin Sat Nav

Who has the best sat Nav on the market? TomTom vs Garmin? Garmin has been around a long time as well as TomTom. Both GPS devices are very popular. How do you determine which of the Sat Nav is best? The best thing to do is ask yourself a few questions regarding how will I use it and how much can I afford. The answer to these basic questions is a good starting point. Don’t forget to read the online reviews for Garmin & TomTom.

The TomTom Sat Nav units are available for cars, motorcycle, boats, and even handheld recreational GPS units. TomTom just recently announce the use of Tele Atlas for their navigation maps. Tele Atlas is a leader in providing maps for GPS navigation. TomTom Sat Nav has been estimated to have over 45 million people using their Sat NAV on a daily basis. TomTom has taken the portable GPS navigational unit and expanded their line to include GPS for motorcycles and handheld units. What makes TomTom such a solid competition for the top is their passion for producing a quality product at an affordable price. Remember Yoda from Star Wars? You can even have Yoda giving you voice directions.

Garmin Sat Nav is synonymous with GPS. Garmin has been cranking out GPS navigation tracking units for a long time. The Garmin Nuvi models continue to be the most popular line from Garmin while the old Garmin Street Pilot can still found in use by many Garmin fans. The Garmin Sat Nav Nuvi models are more lightweight and have the cool feature of quick start. They are known for their accurate turn by turn directions. If you are into a geo-caching, chances are you will choose a handheld Garmin GPS unit to go on your treasure hunts. All Garmin models are easy to use. If you own a smartphone, you will enjoy being able to hook up your Garmin GPS by Bluetooth to your smartphone. This will give you GPS advise wherever there is cell coverage.

Both the Garmin and TomTom have tons of accessories that can be purchased separately. There are many third party GPS accessory manufactures who make custom accessories for TomTom and Garmin. If you need a windshield mount or carrying case, the choices are almost unlimited. When you buy either the TomTom or Garmin GPS, you can rest assure that there are additional products available that will enhance the use of your GPS. Also, let’s not forget about GPS fleet management companies, which are the perfect when you navigate and track multiple vehicles.


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