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Google wants to deliver Ads based on the background noise

Google Background Noise Ads PatentIn the last few decades, the marketing and advertising ways of communicating have changed tremendously. Surely, the internet has made it easier for companies to put up ads and commercials for a fraction of the cost of an actual billboard on the side of the expressway. Nevertheless, some of these techniques are quite intrusive sometimes, or at least that’s what some consumers think. As you may already know, technological companies are always trying to stay ahead and usually file for patents before the product has been released or the idea put into practice.

The last idea filed to be patented by Google is definitely intrusive to say the least. The idea is that their new technology will have the ability to study the background noise that is being produced during a call, and then move up to play ads, which depend on the environmental conditions that Google is able to detect.

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Google fined for aiding illegal drug companies online

Google SearchGoogle, that witty, funny, and unwaveringly supportive search engine that has continued to bring us novel ideas and products, has, quite frankly let their greed overtake them. If you heard that Google employees were actively helping a man advertise illegal drugs online you’d be shocked right? Well what if you heard that Google executives were in on it as well? Appalled? You should be because it is true, according to wsj.

Back in 2009 a federal prisoner by the name of David Whitaker was the lead actor in an investigation of Google’s advertising operations. The United States government took action against the internet giant and had David Whitaker (an experienced con artist) pose as an agent for online drug dealers. Mr. Whitaker then spent over four months contacting Google (and being contacted in return) about advertising narcotics, steroids, and other illegal and controlled substances.

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