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Google wants to deliver Ads based on the background noise

Google Background Noise Ads PatentIn the last few decades, the marketing and advertising ways of communicating have changed tremendously. Surely, the internet has made it easier for companies to put up ads and commercials for a fraction of the cost of an actual billboard on the side of the expressway. Nevertheless, some of these techniques are quite intrusive sometimes, or at least that’s what some consumers think. As you may already know, technological companies are always trying to stay ahead and usually file for patents before the product has been released or the idea put into practice.

The last idea filed to be patented by Google is definitely intrusive to say the least. The idea is that their new technology will have the ability to study the background noise that is being produced during a call, and then move up to play ads, which depend on the environmental conditions that Google is able to detect.

Now, they say that nobody on their end is going to be actually monitoring and listening to what is being said in the call. However, just the mere idea that they will be following up on calls made by users is almost like crossing the line.

According to their own info that describes the patent, they have stated that the environmental conditions will be shared via a sensor that is within the phone or placed on the phone. This sensor will send out a signal and then an ad will be sent to the phone in return.

Moreover, to make their idea clearer, just imagine being stuck in traffic with the temperature rising up to 95°F. When the sensor detects that the environmental condition is a hot, humid one, then you may start listening to ads about air conditioning or beach travel packages. Additionally, Google also included information about pictures and videos taken with your phone, which means that if you take a picture during winter then your phone may start displaying ads about salt and snow shovels.

Some may say that the fact that the company is just filing the patent, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be putting it into practice. While this is true, Google has made a name for itself because of their success on the net. Part of this success has had to do with their well-known Google ads and other forms of online advertising. Therefore, it may not be too much out of their reach to implement the described technology soon.

Perhaps some users are opening the doors to this type of advertising, since there are some individuals that can’t live without having to checking in wherever they go and taking pictures as well.

Last not but not least, Google has stated that they file for patents on a periodic basis. This is due to the fact that their employees are constantly coming up with ideas, which later MAY be translated to actual products and services.  They have made it clear that not all propositions and filed patents are eventually released.


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