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Nintendo 2DS XL

What’s new with Nintendo 2DS XL

Nintendo has been riding high on the release of both their Nintendo Switch and the 3DS XL, a larger screened, updated version of their current handheld line. So it was with some surprise that they announced the 2DS XL, a two-dimensional, cheaper version of its 3D predecessor.

Nintendo Switch

So…does the Nintendo Switch suck?

I have been watching the controversy about the Nintendo Switch for awhile now. Early leaks and demo play left a bad taste in a lot of mouths, and Nintendo fans haven’t forgotten the utter failure of the Wii U. But now the Switch is out, and we can put some […]

Microsoft Xbox One S

Can Xbox One S overtake PS4 supremacy?

Microsoft has unveiled their latest XBox One console, the XBox One S. The updated version fixes a couple of the issues that were previously brought up by gamers, and offers an intermediary device prior to the Project Scorpio release coming in 2017. Due to the much bigger news about Project […]