Nintendo NX rumor roundup include a VR feature

Nintendo NXThe mini Nintendo classic console isn’t the only big news this month coming from the company. Speculation continues to build about the features of the much anticipated Nintendo NX. Let’s round up some of those rumors and see what might just be coming next year. Maybe we can get over the bitter disappointment of no announcement at E3.

Nintendo NX Speculated Features

So far, there isn’t a lot of concrete information about this mysterious console. But one thing that has been said by developers working on the project is that it is a “new way to play games”. Considering Nintendo’s biggest seller in recent years was the Wii, which is arguably the best motion based gaming console available (sorry, Kinect), they probably have some big things in mind.

One rumor that is very likely correct is that it could be a combination device, a hybrid between motion based and more traditional gaming styles. A patent for a new controller was submitted recently, with a touchscreen controller. If true, this could be a jump forward for their gameplay.

Some people are sure that virtual reality is going to be included with this release. Playstation and XBox are both getting on that train, and projects have been in development for some time, slated for 2017 releases. Others are sure this isn’t true, saying it would get in the way of their social gaming message.

I am in the camp of thinking VR will be a part of the Nintendo NX. Immersive VR gaming is the way forward, and we finally have the tech capabilities to start taking advantage of the format. Nintendo needs to keep up, or get clobbered. But I do think the social factor raises an interesting question: will Nintendo try and socialize virtual reality? There is no reason they can’t take that route and open up a new avenue that keeps unique.

One other patent that has been mentioned by sources is for a device that has no disk drive. Could they be going 100% downloadable content? Some believe that they could be going back to cartridges, but I doubt it. First of all, those were not the most reliable form of game delivery. Second, their mini console will have pre-built games. Why would their new system take a step back?

Digital content through a Nintendo network seems more probable. Which would be setting an interesting precedent that a lot of users won’t be thrilled about.

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