Can Xbox One S overtake PS4 supremacy?

Microsoft Xbox One SMicrosoft has unveiled their latest XBox One console, the XBox One S. The updated version fixes a couple of the issues that were previously brought up by gamers, and offers an intermediary device prior to the Project Scorpio release coming in 2017.

Due to the much bigger news about Project Scorpio and its integrated VR and 4K gaming, a lot of cynics have been pointing out the futility of an updated XBox One device that won’t match up to next year’s release.

To be fair, they have a point. With a price tag that starts at $399, those who are more interested in a powerful console with new features will probably save their their cash and instead go with the next generation. But I can see a different perspective on the release.

A Cheaper Way To Play

First of all, the Project Scorpio console is gonna be a high performance device. Which means a high cost one, and even with a trade in a lot of gamers are going to be left unable to easily afford it. The XBox One S is an update to an already good next gen console that keeps it up to date, and addresses their complaints.

So what makes it different? It is smaller, for one thing, and a lot more sleek. With its 40% smaller size it will be easier to vent, less likely to overheat, and will it in smaller spaces. Those of us with multiple consoles know the annoyance of lacking storage space on a gaming shelf.

XBox One S Tech Specs

Other than the size change, the new console includes its own internal power supply, and a power button. This has been well received, with many people pointing out how dumb it was to not have a physical power button already present. Who wants to use the controller every time?

The storage space is great, especially for the price. It has 2 TB of internal storage, and there will be less storage for cheaper (there is a version for $299).

Of course you have the 4K gaming and HDR capabilities. So if you have an HD television you can start to really see the improvements in graphics that are becoming commonplace in today’s console games. Given some of the games that were shown off at E3, it is an exciting time for quality hunters.

You can purchase your own 2TB version of the XBox One S in August, so stay tuned as more details are leaked!

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