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Uber is opening a new robotics research facility, but they could soon have Google to contend with

  • 03/02/2015 at 23:30 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Technology

UBER DC OfficeUber has confirmed the acquisition of a number of leading robotics experts from Carnegie Mellon University to work at a research facility opening in Pittsburgh. But now Google is looking to become their competition.

There has been some controversy over Uber in the last few months. Several drivers working for the ride-on-demand service have been arrested for rape, and the company has been quick to state that they will begin greater measures to ensure the safety of their passengers.

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Google Drive cloud service comes with 5GB of free storage

Google DriveIf it isn’t providing the world’s most advanced and largest search engine features, phone services, maps, video games, news, Gmail, documents and more, the dominating mega corporation has now revealed their cloud storage arm called Google Drive.

Yes, now Google has thrown in their silver lining to the cloud storage arena with their Google Drive.

Mind you, because it’s Google they’re not going to put out some average, run of the mill kind of product they’re going to brand it as much as they can just short of coming to your home and and tattooing their name on your forehead.  Google Drive is nothing like the other cloud storage companies.  Yes, Goggle Drive offers you 5 gigabytes of storage for free and it scales upwards to $50 for a terabyte, but Google has employed every aspect of the Google experience online from its documents to just about everything else that you the user needs.

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