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Google Drive cloud service comes with 5GB of free storage

Google DriveIf it isn’t providing the world’s most advanced and largest search engine features, phone services, maps, video games, news, Gmail, documents and more, the dominating mega corporation has now revealed their cloud storage arm called Google Drive.

Yes, now Google has thrown in their silver lining to the cloud storage arena with their Google Drive.

Mind you, because it’s Google they’re not going to put out some average, run of the mill kind of product they’re going to brand it as much as they can just short of coming to your home and and tattooing their name on your forehead.  Google Drive is nothing like the other cloud storage companies.  Yes, Goggle Drive offers you 5 gigabytes of storage for free and it scales upwards to $50 for a terabyte, but Google has employed every aspect of the Google experience online from its documents to just about everything else that you the user needs.

You can say this new Google Drive is a digital workhouse and theme park rolled into one. That’s Google for you, they’ve added a level of interactivity second to none.  Yes, you can consider Google Drive as Google’s way of accommodating you the user to the utmost.  You figure with the Google Drive’s goodies that the minute you use it someone will arrive at your front door with a free pizza and some Google Pop or something.  Google wants you to have Drive and they’ve added every but of amazing tech to the roster.

First of all there’s something called MindMeiser.  It sounds like something the government is trying to get Congressional funding to stop before some super villain gets hold of it and takes over mankind.  Actually MindMeiser is a brain mapping app that gives you the means to share, edit, view map files coming directly from Drive.  Another goodie is HelloFax that lets you find and sign fax docs and other fax goodies.  Google Drive lets you slam as many files as your storage allows.  The types of files don’t matter so you can put in MP3s, pdfs, etc., however there’s a limit to not over 10gb of one file.

So here you have cloud storage that interfaces with every other Google goodie so you’re going to have that learning curve to deal with to use it all functionally sort of like playing a video game.  You should be able to access your Drive file from anywhere and manipulate and operate your files.  You can share and work with others.  Google Docs and everything Google is right here for you and it’s PC and Mac friendly.

So overall consider that this advance in Google is establishing themselves as a possible frontrunner in the cloud storage arena.  You’ll see the next coming months testing what Goggle has to offer and it will rise or fall.  Web tech experts will be sitting on the fence like hawks waiting to see what happens with Google Drive, the bugs that may arise or the golden nuggets that come out of it.  You’ll see marketers trying to see if they can make hay while the sun shines and Google just looking at every detail to see what creative uses the users will come up with.

That’s the big kick when companies launch these new technologies or their own personal versions of standing tech.  What do the users get and make with?  Will Google Drive give users something others don’t and will the users kick with it and run with it like no other?

Only time will tell from here on out.

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