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Apple admit they were wrong and fixed the FairPlay DRM bug

  • 09/07/2012 at 23:10 by It's a Gadget Staff
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Apple LogoFairPlay DRM by Apple may have been the culprit to the app crashes the recently plagued Apple. They refused to take responsibility while it was happening, but in the aftermath they have now become concerned, but only slightly and certainly not about the developers who have been hit by the crashes.

Last week’s Thursday fiasco crashed more than 100 apps and impacted untold numbers of customers around the world. Until late Thursday Apple has refused to take the blame. Then they at least acknowledged it had been one of their servers, but only after it had been resolved. They still ignored the full consequences of their blunder.

Apple claims that one of their servers went rogue, generating DRM for apps as they were being downloaded, particularly updates. Apple swears that not many users had been impacted by the app-crashing bug. The user, after having just updated their app, were met with a crash before the splash screen hit. The app was then crippled.

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Apple Censor: The Anti-iPhone Game

Phone StoryToday a new iOS game hit the Apple App Store, for a few hours. They yanked it off because of its criticism of Apple. The question is how it got approved in the first place.

Phone Story, an app by Molleindustria, portrays the lifecycle of an iPhone, with a bit of a political edge to it. It’s this edge that got it ejected from the Apple App Store only 3 hours after it was approved. It is a documentary in game format, following from the mining of Coltan in the Congo to dispensing of your heavy metal waste materials and polluting the world. To get the next part of the story you must finish a mini-game.

A narrator speaks behind each mini-game, relaying the relevance of that level to the stage of the iPhone life stage. The content that got it kicked was the overall judgment of Apple.

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