Android 2.3 Articles

Verizon is selling Motorola Droid 3 for $199.99

Motorola Droid 3Even though Motorola had already made the announcement in China just this past month, it’s a pleasant surprise to many that the Droid 3 has already been released after the announcement of putting Verizon cell phones for sale. Their Public Relations Team made a discreet announcement yesterday, June 7 about their latest addition to their current line of Droid phones.

The Droid 3 has been long expected because it holds the title of the thinnest smartphone in the world, along with a full comfortable QWERTY keyboard. It comes equipped with a 1 GHZ dual-core processor, which allows the user to multitask by having various applications running at the same time. The camera happens to be a wonderful beauty of 8 MP and it can record HD video at 1080p. As for the running default OS, Motorola equipped Droid 3 with Android 2.3 which runs smoothly on a system with 512MB RAM.

In addition to these attractive features, the Droid 3 comes with capabilities for a 3G Hotspot, which means that up to five different devices can be hooked up to the phone via Wi-Fi. This powerful phone can be the perfect tool for anybody from the businessman, to the student and even for the teenagers.

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Android 2.3 comes with a flavour of Gingerbread

Android GingerbreadGingerbread is the name for the 2.3 version of Android and today is the time to discover how this changes is different from the previous versions. The sources that rumoured that the changes in Android 2.3 would be minor are now silenced totally. With the official announcement of Nexus S, Google also announced that they have finished Android 2.3 and their next mobile phone will be one of the first devices that will get it.

The first change that needs to be mentioned is the change of User Interface(UI). This time the navigation is easier to use and more battery friendly. The look of notification and its behavior has been also changed and now almost all the elements of the UI have been redesigned like the background, scroll bars, menu icons, keyboard etc. The keyboard is better now because the virtual keys have been re-sized and given a more user friendly interface.

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