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Holus brings 3D holographic digital content in your home

  • 28/06/2015 at 23:47 by It's a Gadget Staff
  • Technology

Holus 3D HolographicThe ability to view images, apps and whatever content is on screen in 3D as a holograph is what the Holus gives you in your home, workplace or educational environment. Holus is currently on Kickstarter, and is a promising device.

Someone with an interest in science will be able to view DNA structures or the solar system in four various angles, families will be able to play digital board games together, and for developers there are endless possibilities for what the Holus could be used for.

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Rumour has it: Amazon Smartphone might feature a 3D user interface

Amazon 3D SmartphoneAmazon has been developing their own smartphone for years, but for the first time we actually get to catch a peek at it, thanks to an exclusive report from BGR.

The massive online market has come a long way since their creation. In the beginning, Amazon was a company all about selling new and used books. Since then they have managed to wriggle their way into most industries, including consumer tech.

With the successful launch of the Kindle Fire, they have already taken a share of the media-focused tablet market, while with the Kindle proper, they have already made themselves stalwarts in the e-reader market, years ago.

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